After his weight prevented him from participating in a much-anticipated trip, Xander was motivated to make a change. With the help of his mom, Terry, they found Kurbo online and decided to try the program.

Right away, Terry knew that Kurbo would be a good option for Xander. “I needed something that he would actually use and letting him use his phone to track was something that I knew would be very appealing to him.

Xander agrees with his mom. “I really like the tracking part. It helps me for the next day to see and think ‘Well, I ate too much today, so tomorrow I won’t eat as many red lights.’”

Since starting coaching with Kurbo, Xander has gained new insight into his health, such as learning the importance of exercise. “Before Kurbo I wasn’t doing much exercise and thought it was normal, but now that I started losing weight, I really understand how the way I was feeling [before] wasn’t right.”

Since working with Kurbo, Xander now exercises almost every day. “My favorite activity is riding my bike. I like to ride up and down the hills where we live. Before Kurbo, I wasn’t active and now I exercise every day.”

Xander credits much of his success to the support of his motivational Kurbo coach. “My coach was really inspirational, and would help me if I needed anything. She had inspiration all around, like in her voice, and yeah, she had lots of positivity too.”

Terry appreciates that Kurbo has empowered Xander to be more aware of his food choices. “It has gotten to the point where I don’t have to police him because Kurbo stepped in, which has let him manage it himself. It is nice to not have to meddle or nag him.”

Both Xander and his mom have noticed positive changes in Xander. “Definitely physically: he has lost 21 pounds to date. Clothes are now fitting him again and I don’t have to buy him a new wardrobe because all of his old stuff fits. He is also more confident. Being overweight in school is so hard and kids are not nice so I have noticed an increase in confidence. For example, he is no longer worried about doing new things,” Terry says.

“Today, I feel a lot more healthy. I feel like I have done good things to my body. I think I’m a bit more energetic, too,” Xander says.

Xander remains committed to continue improving his future health. “I just think, the more I am healthy today, the less ill weight tomorrow. Or the pain I feel today, the more strong I feel tomorrow. The results will be there if I just do it.”

Xander would recommend Kurbo to anyone! “I definitely would recommend Kurbo. I would tell them that the coaches are really good and that it’s a really inspiring program.”

**This is a testimonial from an individual Kurbo user. Results will vary for different users.