Too many parents are inadvertently keeping kids from much needed exercise and fun when it is raining and wet outside. Guess what? The rain won’t make your kids melt, get sick, or turn into a raindrop! Most people believe that playing in the rain is an easy, quick way to catch a cold. However, with a healthy diet and exercise routine, your child’s immune system is strong enough to protect against any weather woes. If your kid likes being in the water, then playing outside in the rain is definitely for him or her. Not only can it be a great source of exercise, but it’s also a great way to de-stress and have some fun!

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Here are a few rainy day activities:

Jumping In Puddles

Have a contest to see who can make the biggest splash. Each jump burns calories and adds to your daily exercise goal. Wear a poncho and boots to keep your body as dry as possible.

Water Slide

Put together a water slide in your backyard. Slides are super fun, and all kids love water parties! Play some fun music and start gliding away! Set up two slides and have a relay race with your friends.

Water Balloon Fight

Fill up those balloons and start throwing! For some extra fun, wear white t-shirts with colored marker designs on them and watch the colors run. Balloon fights are so much fun and a great way to take advantage of the rain.

Sing and Dance

Chanting rain songs and dancing away is an awesome way to get some exercise without going to the gym. Gather your friends and family for a huge party in your yard or a nearby park!

Play Tag

Get a group of the kiddos together to run around to play tag—the muddier it gets the better! Just be sure to have towels ready to dry everyone off.

And how about when it’s too hot? Watch the video below for more ideas!

Isadora Baum is a certified health coach trained in integrative nutrition and holistic wellness. She is passionate about helping others transform their minds and bodies to feel healthier and happier in their own skin. With a B.A. in Psychology from Northwestern University and a certification from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, her knowledge and personal experiences enable her to relate to others with compassion, intellect and support.

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