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Is Calorie Tracking the Best Design for Weight Management Programs? (New 5.18.17)

This white paper explores the history of calorie counting approaches, and some of the drawbacks of current food labeling and calorie counting, including high cognitive load, increased stress and a failure to teach the nutritional value of foods. In contrast,  evidence-based research is showing why the simpler Traffic Light System has emerged as an effective alternative to promote long-term healthy habits for adults as well as kids, and is now being used by many corporate early adopters.


US Army Successfully Battles Family Obesity with Kurbo


The U.S. Army, along with the rest of America, feels the impact of the childhood obesity crisis. As with many other large employers, the military suffers from loss of productivity, absenteeism, presenteeism, and skyrocketing healthcare costs related to the health issues of overweight children. With the help of Kurbo, upwards of 70% of participants in Fort Sill pilot program have successfully adopted healthier eating and exercise habits that led to weight loss.


How Childhood Obesity
is Impacting Your Company


Every year, employers in the U.S. spend over $14.3 billion on healthcare for overweight children. It is estimated that childhood obesity will cost society over $1 trillion dollars if all of today’s obese American youth become obese adults. Read about strategies for employers to change this situation.