Stand on one foot for one minute. Maybe you can do it without wobbling at all. Now try standing on one foot for 5 minutes. You’re probably going to wobble, especially when you get tired, bored or sore. 

The journey to a balanced lifestyle can feel the same way. At the beginning, or during times when you feel especially motivated, you might not wobble at all. Making healthy choices, finding time to exercise and taking part in your favorite hobbies feel like solid practices. But down the line when you lose some motivation to make consistent healthy choices, when you get a little tired of working out every single day and when you start to feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to do the little things that bring you joy: that’s when it’s important to remind yourself that wellness is a journey and not a destination. 

It’s ok to wobble! Maybe you indulge yourself by having an extra red light, or you take a break from your daily walk and sleep in. 

It’s even ok to fall! Maybe you go over your red light budget this week, or you keep losing track of time and haven’t been able to get a full workout in. Maybe it’s even been weeks since you gave any thought to your health journey. 

Don’t be discouraged. The journey to a balanced lifestyle is just that: it is a journey. It may have milestones, like dropping BMI points, lowering your weekly red light goal or meeting your exercise goal. But it will also have setbacks and times when you wobble more than you’d prefer, when you might gain weight back or forget to track for a few weeks. Like any difficult journey, that’s part of what makes it worthwhile: the growth that happens when you wobble or fall. Those are the times when you come back stronger to your health goals because you’ve learned valuable lessons.

Plus, there isn’t a specific time where one can truly say the health journey is complete. Wellness can’t just be achieved and you’re done. Getting to a certain pant size or getting your goal weight is not the end of your health journey. Health is made up of maintainable practices and self-discipline, and wellness is a way of life. 

That’s why the Kurbo program builds healthy habits with gradual behavior changes over time. Check out our online resources or set up a free coaching call to get a jumpstart on your own journey.