Weight Watchers For Kids?

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“Weight Watchers for kids” is a concept that is easy to understand but does not actually exist. The ubiquitous Weight Watchers brand has helped countless adults lose weight with the point system, yet has not expanded to include minors. Understanding how to motivate and effectively help children requires a specialized program and using what works for an adult’s health to inform how to handle a child’s health would be insufficient. Fortunately, the advancement of technology has allowed Kurbo to have striking success in reaching kids across the country achieve weight loss and healthier lifestyles.

Many parents have experienced success using the Weight Watcher’s point system. The point system and meetings have proven to be a valid method of helping adults manage their weight. The combination of behavior modification and weekly meetings to provide accountability elevated the Weight Watcher’s system so that any adult in America trying to lose weight couldn’t ignore the brand.  Then the childhood obesity epidemic hit and there has been little advancement until now.

Like Weight Watchers, Kurbo uses a behavior modification and an accountability program; the difference is that Kurbo is suited for kids and implements evidence based methods using 30 years of research.

Key Differences between Kurbo and Weight Watchers:

    • Tracking food is FUN! A crucial healthy behavior is tracking everything you eat.  Kids will be resistant to a new behavior unless it is engaging, so the big-kid engineers at Kurbo figured out how to make tracking fun and easy by turning it into a game that you can download from any smart device.  (Try it for free!)
    • Every kid has a personal coach. Kids are held accountable and set their own goals without the distraction of a group setting. Each week kids meet their coach over FaceTime or Skype to reflect on what is working and set new goals for the upcoming week.
    • The Stoplight System is not restrictive.  Kurbo’s stoplight system is a behavior modification tool that gives kids the tools and simple understanding of how to classify their food so that no matter where they are, they can make healthy choices. Most kids do not need to restrict calories in the way that adults do; they need to learn how to eat nutritious and balanced meals. The stoplight system enables kids to incorporate “red light foods” at their discretion while maintaining a healthy diet.

Learn more about the Kurbo stoplight system in the video below:

  • The focus is on sustainable healthy habitsKurbo coaches emphasize healthy behavior such as tracking, exercise, drinking water and eating green lights with their kids rather than weight loss. Coaches are trained to minimize praise around weight loss and highlight healthy behavior.

Kurbo’s 88% success rate is proving to be an effective and popular solution to the non-existent Weight Watchers for kids. In fact, Weight Watchers won’t even accept kids under the age of 16. To ensure success and health for our children, a fully developed program specifically designed for kids cannot be taken lightly.  See if Kurbo’s child weight management solution is right for your child here

Coach Arielle is an International Coaching Federation accredited coach and completed advanced training with kids and teens in Mind Body Medicine and Mindfulness meditation. Arielle is passionate about working with kids and wellness stemming from her own weight struggles. Arielle loves yoga, hiking, cooking, baking and experimenting in the kitchen.

Kurbo provides the first mobile-based health coaching and weight management program for kids, teens, and their families. See whether Kurbo is right for your child, try a Kurbo coaching plan for free today!

Arielle Adelman, ACC

Coach Arielle is dedicated to laughter, cooking, travel, exercise, dancing, and meditation. After graduating from UC Santa Barbara, Arielle studied Mindfulness at the Center for Mind Body Medicine. Arielle has since developed a program, Mind Body Baking, that teaches kids & teens how to mindfully prepare and eat healthier versions of red light foods. Arielle is an ICF certified life coach working full-time at Kurbo as a master coach and head of coach development. She is also working on her Ph.D in Mind Body Medicine at Saybrook University.

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