Weight Loss Success Story: David Has Taken Control of His Eating and Exercise!**

Weight Loss Success Story: David Has Taken Control of His Eating and Exercise!**

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David struggled with his weight his entire life, eating as many as fifty reds per day before his mom, Robyn, found Kurbo through an internet search. The family knew they had to make significant changes when David weighed himself and came to the realization he was powerless over his weight. Robyn, a diabetic, worried that the family history of diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol could negatively impact David if they didn’t take action to get on a healthier track. Locally, all there was was Weight Watchers, but Kurbo was appealing to the whole family because of the child specific program.

A die hard Chicago Blackhawks fan, David was quick to bond with me, Nick, a Kurbo coach who coaches youth ice hockey. Not only was David invested in making changes, but the entire family tracked their food together and worked hard for a healthier lifestyle. David said he “found the Kurbo App very easy to use and it helped me to have a visual to keep track of my food and activity”.

David was able to lower his consumption of red lights from 50 to less than 20 per week and increase his exercise by working closely with me to develop a plan to lose weight and become more comfortable in his skin. David reports, “It helped to have someone outside the family to help me with my diet exercise. When I was tempted by reds I would exercise and drink more water”. As David continued to incorporate new healthy behaviors that we came up with together, he dropped 25 pounds in a matter of three months.

Not only is David a happier kid, Robyn has experienced many positive benefits that have accompanied the transformation. “Physically I can hug him and interlock my fingers, I love it. He is much more confident in himself”.

Robyn attributes a lot of David’s success to coaching. “When David started Kurbo he was 309 pounds in just a few months he lost 25 pounds and I feel that had a lot to do with his coach. David admired Nick and wanted to listen to what he had to say and even tried new foods because Nick made it sound good! Nick has great coaching skills and a wonderful way to make you feel comfortable and raise self esteem.”  Robyn even went so far as to claim that Kurbo “gave me my son back”.**

David continues to use the Kurbo App and stays active playing street hockey and working out.

It is most rewarding to witness the sustainable changes that David’s whole family has adopted. Robyn notes, “Since Kurbo a lot of changes have happened in the household. We have an empty refrigerator, no more chips, no more sweets. We do get ice cream but it’s fat free!” By mounting a household free of tempting red light foods, everyone is making healthier choices.

Coach Nick is a hockey coach and certified personal trainer from Half Moon Bay, California. Nick works hard to improve the skills, health, and confidence of the kids he trains. He loves to play hockey, hike, and spend time with his wife and daughter.

**This is a testimonial from an individual Kurbo user. Results will vary for different users. 

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