Kurbo Success Story: Case Study With Lexi**

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Lexi before and afterWeight loss programs for children that work must focus on behavior rather than a specific diet, and 8 year-old Lexi and her mom, Amy, found success after just 11 weeks using Kurbo!* Here is her inspiring Kurbo success story.**

Amy Horton was on hunt to find a kid-friendly weight loss tool for her daughter, Lexi,  when she came across Kurbo.com!

“Lexi and I had been trying various weight loss programs for children in the past to work on getting healthier, but we would not stick with it very long. We would go back to our old ways. When I found the Kurbo app, Lexi and I talked about it. We liked that we would be able to track together and that Kurbo was specifically geared towards kids like Lexi.”

Lexi, who had been feeling very lethargic and was upset about the amount of junk food she was eating, was excited to get on board and downloaded the Kurbo app with her mom. At first, Lexi and Amy were only using the mobile app, but after a free call with one of Kurbo’s expert coaches that understand weight loss programs for children, they converted to the Skype-coaching program.

Lexi and Amy have learned a lot through their work with their Kurbo coach. She taught them how to calculate serving sizes using their hands, fists and thumbs, and helped them to brainstorm ways to cut red-light foods out of their diets. Lexi also loves to have a person to check-in with each week, who can answer any questions they have, while Amy loves that the coach makes her and Lexi more accountable to sticking to their weekly action plans.

The Kurbo weight loss programs for children has immensely improved Amy and Lexi’s relationship.

 “I would try to gingerly saying [to Lexi] ‘maybe you have had enough’ or ‘maybe that is not a great thing to have,’ but Lexi would want it and eat it and then we would battle about it.” Amy notes. “Having a coach takes that stress away because there is another person there to guide the child, to tell them what they should and should not go be eating. When kids hear this from someone other than a parent it goes over better. Also, now that Lexi knows that she can only eat so many red-light foods to achieve her weekly goal, she is easier to reason with when it comes to food choices.”

 One challenge that Lexi had to overcome was red-lights at aftercare. But she soon figured out that it’s all about budgeting!

 Aftercare is really hard for many kids, because the snacks available to them are often red-light options and it’s hard to make healthy choices. Lexi found a way to budget for aftercare, so she can still have red-light snacks and be successful.

 “I tried to do substituting but it did not work,” Lexi admits. “All the other kids were having the aftercare snacks and it was too tempting for me to eat them. Now I budget my reds for aftercare so I can have what everybody else is having and I’m not missing out. I just have to plan ahead and avoid reds at other parts of the day so I can still meet my weekly red-light goals.”

 Using Kurbo has allowed Lexi and Amy to take control over their health and weight.

By keeping track of all of their exercise and everything they eat, Lexi and Amy are able to make better decisions and are more aware of what they are doing on a daily basis. They plan ahead so they stay within the boundaries of their goals and they talk about their week so they can reflect on what’s working and ways to improve.

 The Horton mother-daughter power team has also made a lot of positive lifestyle change since starting Kurbo!

 By eating a lot more fruit and vegetables, cutting down portion size, eating out less and eliminating snack foods like cheese-its and cupcakes, Lexi and Amy have ensured that they are maximizing their green-light food intake and minimizing their red-light food intake. They removed all sugary drinks, like juice pouches, in the house, so that all that is available to drink is water and skim milk, two much healthier options.

When Lexi started out on Kurbo she was eating 42 red-lights per week. Now, she limits her red lights to no more than 22 per week.

Amy also now does all of her meal planning and preparation for the week on Sunday to ensure that she is packing healthy school lunches for Lexi and that she is cooking well-balanced meals at night. It’s now become a routine.

Amy and Lexi have started planning family activities around exercise, especially on days when Lexi does not have dance or Karate. They go to Zumba, play Xbox-360 or go to the local indoor rollerblading rink on the weekends. Even if it is cold and dark or a lazy Sunday afternoon, Lexi and Amy are always looking for ways to be active.

Lexi and Amy are feeling and seeing the effects of these changes! Amy has lost 15 pounds, Lexi has lost 10 pounds, and her cholesterol level has gone down.

 “I feel like I am getting faster,” Lexi says. “When I play softball, my favorite activity, I can now steal bases and I won’t get out because of my speed. I also feel a lot more confident when I am playing sports and when I am choosing to eat healthy. And for the first time in 2 years, my clothes are fitting better. That’s a great feeling.”

But how do they do it? What keeps them motivated to stick with Kurbo?

For Amy, health is the main priority. “I want to be healthier I want Lexi to be healthy. I know this is the right answer for us. Before Kurbo, we were headed down a dangerous path. We were ready for change, we needed to change and a way to stick with it. That is my main motivation– our health. It is our top priority. “

For Lexi, it’s also about success. Seeing her and her mom losing weight and successfully reaching their goals, keeps her going.

But they also motivate each other. Amy notes that an added bonus is that she “has a buddy” in her daughter to keep her accountable so that she can feel strong and healthy from week to week.

Lexi and Amy love Kurbo and recommend it to their family and friends. They even told their doctor about Kurbo, so that she can recommend it other families struggling with weight and looking for help.

“It was the only thing I found for weight management that was geared towards kids,” Amy says. “Kids like apps, it’s easy to download and use on the phone and you can skype with a coach without even having to leave the house. The app is so simple and the Kurbo system makes sense and works.”

Amy’s advice for parents on the fence about using Kurbo:

Make sure your child wants to do this and that you are ready to commit to helping him or her be successful. If you can stick to the Kurbo program, it will be a godsend. Kurbo removes the food and exercise stressor in your family’s life. Kids can just look to the app or their coach to tell them,“that is a red” or “you are close to your red budget today.” You are no longer the food police. Lexi and I are glad we found Kurbo. It has brought us together. We are on the same page and we are on a good track.”

Lexi and Amy have a famous motto: “slow and steady wins the race and slow and steady loses the weight.”

Instead of looking for a quick fix through an ineffective, unhealthy, calorie counting diet, Lexi and Amy have made gradual, lifestyle change. They are learning new things and developing new habits to help them make healthy, informed choices everyday.

Congratulations Lexi and Amy! You are truly an inspiration to all parents and children in the Kurbo community!

*Since this article was written, Lexi has lost an additional 2 pounds!**

**This is a testimonial from an individual Kurbo user. Results will vary for different users. 

Thea Runyan

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