“Healthy Halloween Snacks” may sound a bit like an oxymoron. 

Candy is the first thing that comes to mind when most of us think of Halloween — especially our kids. Moderation is the last thing kids are thinking about when they are bringing home pillowcases or pumpkin buckets full of packaged, sugary treats! This candy can then lie around for months, acting as a constant temptation for kids (and their parents). There is no need to ghost the holiday altogether — your family can have fun, enjoy some candy, and still stay healthy! 

There are many ways to incorporate healthy Halloween snacks and easy healthy spins on spooky traditions! Here are some tips from Kurbo coaches:

Don’t keep candy in the house long: If you’re buying candy to pass out at home, buy it a day or two in advance rather than weeks ahead. Having it around the house may result in your family snacking on it piece by piece before Halloween even starts! Check out these recipes for some healthy treat alternative options. 

Call in the Switch Witch: To get rid of extra candy, a popular idea is to have our kids leave their lollies outside their bedroom for the Switch Witch to swing by! Much like the Tooth Fairy, the swap takes place in the middle of the night. The candy is taken and replaced with different healthy Halloween treats! Or, depending on the age and preferences of your child, books, gift cards, and toys are also fun trades. 

Donate the switched candies: Now that you have this candy from the Switch Witch, one great way to repurpose is to donate it! Some great options for donation spots are troops overseas, homeless shelters, and programs that provide candy to patients undergoing chemotherapy.

Don’t rely on candy to wow the neighborhood: Parents often think that it’s a bad idea to mix in non-candy items with their Halloween giveaways. However, kids find it exciting to have something new and different to stand out against all the candy. Popular items are spider rings, stickers, pencils, Halloween tattoos, or sugar-free gum! There are all kinds of creative options, check out ideas on Pinterest or add in cute Halloween notes.

Pick some favorites: Half the fun of Halloween is the sorting and searching through collected candy at the end of the night. This year, try asking your kids to pick 20-30 favorite treats once they’re done sorting and trading. Parents are usually surprised to find that kids are happy to keep a few favorites and repurpose the rest. 

Start a new tradition: Kids can lose interest in trick-or-treating as they grow older, and Halloween is full of other exciting activities! Involve your kids in planning a haunted house excursion or Halloween themed fun– like pumpkin carving or bobbing for apples, with friends and trick or treaters. 

 For more spooktacular Halloween ideas and healthy Halloween Snacks, check out Kurbo’s Pinterest board!