Feelings of burnout, low energy, and exhaustion are common when we are just trying to get through the day and don’t leave time to break out of the momentum we’re in. Sometimes the momentum that builds from the stress of work, family obligations, the news, or “fill in the blank”, leaves us feeling depleted. Think of your mind and body as a bank account and the activities you engage in and the subsequent thoughts and feelings you have as either creating wealth or debt. Our activities and choices are like a deposit or a withdrawal. When you’ve overdrawn your account, had no deposits for a while, what you’re left with is debt. Debt feels like burnout and if not rectified with deposits, can lead to chronic illness. None of us can afford to live in debt for very long. 


Keeping in mind that most of life we have little to no control over, we can stay centered and balanced when we choose how we think, act, and react rather than operating in an automatic state. This is what we call renewing your mindset. 


Let’s look at four ways to create wealth in your account and stop accumulating debt.

Be intentional with when and how often you engage with the news. 

Have you noticed what happens to your energy and outlook on life when you read the news? Given today’s constant headlines of doom and gloom, it’s likely your mindset is not bright and cheery after reading the news, and it is carried with you through the day. Keep in mind that the news outlet’s job is to keep you engaged with their platform as often as possible which is why their headlines are so hard to resist no matter how awful it makes you feel. Often the experience of checking your phone, your social media accounts, opening your browser, checking your email to read the latest news headlines is a withdrawal.

Can you remember when the only times we checked in with the news was when the newspaper was delivered in the morning and when we put on the local 5pm news? You may not have been getting the news as spontaneously but the advantage was that your whole day wasn’t consumed with the news and in turn your ability to have a positive mindset wasn’t sacrificed. Being present to your own world and planning for one or two (or even zero, gasp!) times to consume the news can be a deposit.

Kurbo coach recommendation: turn all notifications and alerts you have from news or social media off. You should opt into the news, the news should not come to you. Rather than draining your energy with scrolling at any moment you have, choose one or two times of day to check an app and put a time limit on it. If you like to watch TV news, pick one show a day. See how it goes for a week and remember you can always go back to your old ways. If you notice a change in your mindset then you’ll know it was a good decision for you.

Go outside. 

Nature, sunshine, fresh air, even feeling rain on your skin, is always a deposit. We forget in our highly technological world that we are simple human beings that are a part of nature. Being inside all day goes against our wiring for feeling good. Taking a deep diaphragmatic breath is even better to settle your nervous system, bring fresh oxygen into your brain, and renew your energy.

Kurbo coach recommendation: if you’re at a computer all day, set an alarm or schedule in your calendar just 5 minutes once a day to go outside.

Seek out social connection.

As social beings we release happy chemicals and hormones when we are interacting with our community and like-minded people. We are not meant to live isolated from each other and it starves our brains of basic needs we have to feel good. It also helps to share both difficult and positive emotions with others because it supports our feeling of being connected. Have you ever noticed a time when you were in a bad mood and then you spent some time with friends enjoying their company or having a good conversation and transformed your mood? Renewing your mindset can be as easy as meeting a friend for coffee or joining a community activity.

Kurbo coach recommendation: identify 2-3 people in your life that you can schedule to meet or talk on the phone weekly who feel good to be around or can listen and be present with you.

Have a daily ritual.

Engaging in an activity that is just for you can not only help you relax in the moment and give you energy for the day, but can also bring meaning and intention to your life. Setting time aside in the morning or in the evening that is just for you to connect with yourself can offer comfort in periods of chaos and distress. Your daily ritual could involve meditation, journaling, taking a mindful walk, saying a prayer, listening to music, or moving your body through dance or martial arts.