Spring is a great time to take inventory of where we are in our health journey, and refresh our commitment to a lifestyle that supports wellness. We can feel more energized and capable of changes when we have a clean slate. We like to call this the Fresh Start Effect. Let’s look at all the ways we can use this spring as an opportunity for a refresh:

1. Pick a meaningful day to start. 

↳ The Fresh Start Effect is most helpful when it’s connected to a specific day, like the first of the month, a birthday, a Monday or a new season.

2. Set goals and evaluate progress based on actions, not outcomes.

↳ For example, rather than setting a goal to lose 5 pounds, set a goal to do a 30 minute morning walk every day for a week.

3. Spring clean your home.

↳ A cluttered space can lead to a cluttered mind making it harder for healthy habits to take root. On the flip side, there is a spillover effect that occurs when you clear out a space. It might make you feel more energized and motivated to make healthier choices. Pick a small space to start like your car or closet.

4. Make your goals simple. 

↳ For example, plan to lay out your workout clothes before bed. Seeing them in the morning might increase the likelihood that you go through with your workout. Another simple goal might be to cut up some fruits and veggies so they are easy for you to grab as a snack.

5. Make a priority list.

↳ Write down the three most important things you would like to accomplish this week. Then, write down one important thing for you to accomplish over the next month. Next, break each of those goals down and write 1-2 steps you need to take to get it done. Carve out some time each day to take steps to get to your goal.

6. Make a snacking plan.

↳ When snacks like candy, cookies, and crackers are in the house, they can feel impossible to resist. However, when they are less accessible, you will likely gravitate towards the healthier ones (like fruits, vegetables, nonfat yogurt) instead. Try letting yourself run out of unhealthy snacks and not buy more; tossing or donating those snacks; or marking them with a red sticker or pen so you are more aware of how often you grab them. 

Get creative with making healthier snacks taste good, like experimenting with low fat ranch on pickles or making your own 1-ingredient popsicles

7. Get a new cookbook.

↳ Sometimes inspiration is found in something new, and cooking can help you feel more in control of your choices. So, inspire your inner healthy chef with new recipes found in a new cookbook or on a blog you love. We recommend Chef Ann Marie’s Kurbo tested flavor-packed recipes!