Teen Weight Loss Success Story: Tenaya’s new health habits transform the whole household**

Teen Weight Loss Success Story: Tenaya’s new health habits transform the whole household**

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Tenaya was ready to start living a healthy lifestyle, so she signed up for Kurbo. “It just got to a point where it was her time. She was ready to do it. The motivation was there. I had been telling her for the past two years to do something about it but that wasn’t enough. There was a mindset change and it was her choice. I gave her complete ownership, she is the one who signed up for the app,” Tenaya’s mom, Bernice, shares. “I wanted to lose weight and I had tried doing it by myself but I wasn’t sticking to anything,” Tenaya says.

After using the app for a month, she took the next step and signed up for a Kurbo Coach to help keep her accountable. “I wanted someone to help me stay on track and keep me accountable. With a Kurbo Coach, someone is aware of what you are doing so you feel more obligated to do it, which is a good thing and has worked well for me. Working with Sheila has kept me way more on track.”

Coach Sheila worked with Tenaya to make a plan each week on how to achieve her goals. “She would give me a plan to follow for the week and it would remind me to do that during the week. For example, earlier on I would jump on the trampoline three times a week. Now we plan for how to use my red lights efficiently. During the weekends is when I use the most red lights, so we planned that I would use two of my red lights on a weekend. I don’t eat a lot of red lights at all now, I rarely hit my 14 in a week,” Tenaya says.

She and Coach Sheila developed strategies to make it easy to eat healthy. We first worked on how I could eat more green lights. She has a strategy of just thinking about making a colorful plate, which meant adding more colorful vegetables in each meal. We also decided that if I want something sweet, I’ll go for fruit instead, so I can get a natural sweetener in the form of fruit. This helped a lot because as my body got more used to eating fruit, I didn’t want to desserts as much.”

Now, Tenaya and her mom have made small changes in the house so that everyone is eating healthier. “Everybody now eats differently,” Bernice says. “I buy air popcorn to pop not microwave popcorn, so Tenaya can pop it herself and not put any butter on it. I also try to keep more fruits and vegetables in the house.”

Tenaya used to like sitting on the couch at home, but now she prefers to get outside and exercise. “I make a conscious effort to do something everyday if I don’t have softball practice. I’ll go for walks or a bike ride or trampoline. Before I didn’t want to exercise because I would rather just sit at home, but now I want to move my body around. I like not being at my house because I get to spend time with myself to recharge. Since I’ve been exercising more, I don’t get tired as quickly when I’m running,” Tenaya says. “Her running has definitely improved, her coach has even commented on it,” Bernice shares.

Tenaya has taken ownership of her food choices and inspired her mom to do the same. “Her total attitude towards eating has changed,” Bernice says. “Before I would tell her ‘you shouldn’t eat that’’ and she’d roll her eyes implying ‘don’t tell me what to do.’ Now, when we bring unhealthy foods in the house she’ll call us out on it. I’ve seen the change in her and now I’m thinking ‘I want to do something.’”

Tenaya never gave up, even when she hit some bumps in the road. There are times when you’ll drop a pound a week and there are times where you will not drop anything no matter what you do and that was the most frustrating part. I overcame that by just talking with Sheila about my concerns and she would make me feel a lot better and ready to keep trying,” Tenaya shares. Tenaya’s persistence and hard work led her to drop 2 BMI points.

She has some advice to share with other Kurbo kids: “The one thing that I found that helped a lot, is when I crave something, I wait an hour or till the next day. The next day I realize that I don’t even want it anymore. It’s important to remember that you don’t need it just because you crave it for an hour.”

Tenaya and her mom would 100% recommend Kurbo to other kids and families. “I would definitely recommend Kurbo because it’s easy for kids to use on their own. Compared to Weight Watchers where you count points/calories you end up feeling bad about yourself,” Bernice says. “With Kurbo you ease into it so if you go over your budget in the beginning you have a coach to get you on track quickly,” Tenaya shares.

**This is a testimonial from an individual Kurbo user. Results will vary for different users.

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