Teen Weight Loss Success Story: Noah Loses 14 lbs and Lowers His BMI by 5%**

Teen Weight Loss Success Story: Noah Loses 14 lbs and Lowers His BMI by 5%**

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Noah had tried many ways to lose weight, but none of them had worked.

Like many overweight kids, Noah and his parents had tried other weight loss methods, but as Noah said, “Any other method that I tried before, I never really got it.” With a grandparent with heart disease, and a family history of high-cholesterol, Noah’s Mom turned to Kurbo to help get Noah and the entire family on a healthier trajectory. Noah was motivated saying, “At my school there are a lot of athletic people, so I wanted to be able to do P.E. and play sports with them.”

Noah jumped into Kurbo, making effective changes, and seeing incredible results.

Noah began tracking his food using the Kurbo app, and immediately became more conscious of his food choices and eating habits. Noah also tried to make exercise part of everyday–he found that it was surprisingly easy! Finding motivation from his older brother, a cross country runner, Noah too began running with the hope of becoming a cross country runner himself. These simple changes and healthy habits yielded great results for Noah.

With Kurbo, Noah didn’t have to do it alone.

Kurbo allowed Noah to be accountable for his own choices, but it also helped his parents support him. Noah’s mom said that Noah wasn’t the only one who made changes. She talked about some of the changes the whole family made:

“We have increased the amount of fruits and vegetables we eat and we really try to get that into every meal. My husband and I have done a much better job of planning ahead. Grocery shopping on the weekends and planning what meals we are going to have and estimating how much leftover we will have and if it will last for two days. Looking at the schedule, so that’s been pretty dramatic as well.”

In addition, Kurbo paired Noah with one of our fantastic coaches, Jonathan, who helped support Noah every step of the way. Their weekly calls were useful times to create food and exercise plans for the coming week. It wasn’t only Noah who learned about food. Noah’s mom said, “ I learned stuff from Kurbo too. Like stuff that I thought was mildly okay and healthy turned out not be. I think the number one thing about Kurbo is its simplicity. The whole red, yellow, green thing just makes it so much easier.”

Noah enjoys his new, healthy lifestyle.

When Noah started Kurbo, a normal week had 28 red lights foods, but after using Kurbo, Noah impressively dropped his reds light foods to 16 per week. Not only does Noah feel better, he has lost 14 pounds, lowering his BMI by 5%! In Noah’s words: “It felt good to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe.” Noah is now a confident and healthy kid who enjoys life, is a committed runner, and is also a proud actor in many of his school’s theatrical productions. Noah continues working to live a healthy lifestyle, and he’s a motivation to those around him!**

We at Kurbo are so inspired and proud of Noah and all of his hard work! Keep up the great work Noah!

Sam Feldman is a rising Junior at Kehillah Jewish High School where he plays basketball, baseball, and tennis. Sam is the Student Life Commissioner and is serving in his second year on the Student Government. Sam is extremely passionate about fighting childhood obesity after overcoming his own weight issues as a child. He loves the way that Kurbo makes it easy and fun for kids to succeed in meeting their health goals! During his free time Sam enjoys going on runs and spending time with his family.

**This is a testimonial from an individual Kurbo user. Results will vary for different users. 

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