Teen weight loss success story: Kurbo kid Meg reduced BMI By 11%**

Teen weight loss success story: Kurbo kid Meg reduced BMI By 11%**

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Teen weight loss success story: Kurbo kid Meg reduced BMI By 11% simply by developing healthy habits!**

Meg was very concerned about her weight and after a visit to the pediatrician, Meg’s mom, Carol, knew she needed to help her daughter improve her health and happiness.

“I encouraged Meg to talk to our pediatrician, who we are very close to, about her weight concerns,” Carol explains. “When we went in for our appointment, Meg broke down and it was very emotional. I came home and I thought, ‘I have to do something.’ I went on the internet and I found an article that Joanna had written. I emailed Kurbo that day and Joanna emailed me back within an hour. She assigned us a coach, knowing that Meg was shy and we went from there.”

From their first interaction with Kurbo, Meg and Carol felt like the people and the program were the right fit.

“Well for me, being from the South, it was the people that drew me to Kurbo,” Carol says. “The fact that Joanna emailed me back right away, and from the minute we met Meg’s coach, I knew that the people at Kurbo were good at their jobs and at promoting support versus negativity. Plus, Meg had been sick for a year. We had a doctor telling us one thing and a pediatric nutritionist telling us another thing. Then we had Kurbo telling us something that just made sense to us. You are not excluding any food groups. You are just cutting back on red lights. It teaches you to be mindful and helpful, versus excluding things in a manner that you can’t maintain over a long period of time.”

There are 3 things that Meg particularly loves about Kurbo:

First, it’s not a diet.

Before Meg stared Kurbo
Before Meg stared Kurbo

Meg didn’t want to be told “you can’t eat this or that” or be enrolled in a program that was solely focused on losing weight. She wanted to learn how to eat healthier and gain the confidence to make healthy lifestyle changes. It was Kurbo that finally gave her the ability to achieve these goals.

Second, the Kurbo app is easy and accessible.

“I like that the app is on my phone,” Meg explains. “I can just pull out my phone wherever I am and track my food. I don’t have to wait to go home to track.”

Third, Meg has developed an awesome, supportive relationship with her coach!

“I was really nervous for my first Skype session with my coach” Meg admits. “But after just a few minutes of talking with her, my coach me made me feel comfortable and calm. She is so nice and supportive and I know she is there for me whenever I need her!”

Meg and her family have made subtle changes for big results, since starting Kurbo.

“We stopped buying sugary cereal and sodas. Knowing that I’m not eating as much sugar feels great. I’m much more energetic now. I don’t have to worry about going outside with my friends and getting tired and overheated 10 minutes in. I can keep up with them. Now, I can run outside for a long time,” Meg says. “We also made a rule that we don’t eat in front of any electronic screen, because then we are mindlessly eating even if we aren’t hungry. It was both us and Meg’s coach who came up with this idea”

Occasionally, Meg will eat the red lights she loves and has never felt like Kurbo was depriving her. That, along with thinking about how her decisions will benefit her in the future, has made all the difference in motivating her to become a teen weight loss success story and make these healthy changes.

And because of these changes, Meg’s red light goal has gradually gone down, down, down!

Between ice cream, candy or sodas with her friends, and asking her dad to go to the store and get her a pop, Meg used to eat more than 30 reds per week. Now, her red light goal is around 20. But she usually has red lights left over at the end of the week, so in reality, she is eating even fewer reds!

What’s even better, is that Meg is inspiring her friends and family to eat healthy as well.

Meg has been the one in the family with the strongest willpower and that often helps her mom to resist red lights!

“Meg takes the first steps and then I follow,” Carol explains. “She was the first one to switch to water and then I switched to water. If we don’t bring it in the house we don’t eat it. So we started buying healthier substitutes, and avoiding the red lights. For example, we use nonfat greek yogurt for everything. Honestly, on a baked potato, it tastes the same as sour cream, and it’s healthier.”

Another awesome thing that Meg does, is offer her friends the same snacks that she has when they come over. She even told us that her friend, Hannah, now asks for them as soon as she comes over! Meg says it’s really cool to see her friends adopting some of her healthy habits.

Meg and Carol are also both working on making exercise part of their daily routine!

“It has been really hard for me to keep track of exercise,” Meg says. “But to solve this problem, we are going to make an exercise chart on the fridge to remind me to go on a bike ride or go swimming.”

Carol recently realized that she can help Meg achieve her goals by being a role model and exercising along with her: “I got on the exercise bike last week and it had never occurred to me to do that. As a parent I’m always telling her what to do and I never thought to do it myself.  I learned that modeling good behavior is important for my child and I need to do it for myself as well. Until that moment I had not made that connection that I cannot tell her what to do, if I have not at least tried it myself. That was a big deal!”

Meg’s doctor is thrilled by her progress and results. Most importantly, Meg is proud of herself and it is inspiring more teen weight loss success stories. 

Carol has noticed immense improvement in her daughter’s confidence and loves that coaching has helped Meg to be proactive and take responsibility of her own health.

“She’s a lot more confident. She’s healthier, which was our main goal: to get her health back. But now that she is healthier and losing weight, she is much more confident when we go out socially. She is less shy and loves to do videos. That has helped her a lot. She is more confident speaking to her coach without me right there. It is more fun to be accountable to someone other than a parent and you try more actively to do that responsibly. It takes the element of nagging away and has helped the household feel more calm.”

8 pounds lighter- Meg tracking Kurbo on her phone!
8 pounds lighter- Meg tracking Kurbo on her phone!**

One of the reasons why Meg has seen so much success, is because she has incredible support from her parents!

Meg says that her parents, “don’t buy the unhealthy stuff anymore, so I’m not tempted. Also, when I eat healthy food, they eat healthy food. If I’m having a salad, they aren’t having pizza. They are having a salad too!”

Carol also exlains that her and her husband, “didn’t make Meg eat things she didn’t like. We took the things she liked and made them healthier for her! For example, Meg will eat steamed veggies dipped in ranch till the cows come home. So I figured out a ranch dip that is healthy! We just take nonfat greek yogurt and put a little ranch flavor in it! 

What would Carol tell other parents about Kurbo?

“Kurbo really does work and it is definitely worth it. If there is any way at all to find a way to afford coaching, even if it is for a short period of time. It makes all the difference in the world. It made it personal and it makes it important. Meg wants to make her coach proud. Many kids may not have a supportive adult other than their parents in their life. Having a supportive adult that isn’t a parent is so important! A coach is there to say, “that’s ok try again next week” versus being shut down. That’s just huge! You can try anything for a month. Try to break those habits and just know that it is possible, no matter what age. You just have to put your mind to it. Which isn’t easy. It is not easy sometimes, but it’s worth it!”

Coach Cayla is an undergraduate at Stanford University majoring in Human Biology and minoring in Communication. Cayla is passionate about healthy eating and exercise, having grown up as a dancer and performer in New York. She is planning to pursue a career in health tech post-graduation.

**This is a testimonial from an individual Kurbo user. Results will vary for different users. 

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