Teen Weight Loss Success Story: Jillian, 14, transforms her teenage experience with newfound confidence and health**

Teen Weight Loss Success Story: Jillian, 14, transforms her teenage experience with newfound confidence and health**

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Teen Weight Loss Success Story: Jillian, 14, transforms her teenage experience with new found confidence and health

Jillian and her mom, Dionne chatted with us about their journey with Kurbo and the success Jillian has had so far. They hope their story and experience can help other Kurbo kids and families with their weight loss and health goals as well.

Jillian’s parents noticed a drop in her confidence, and decided Kurbo might be a way to build it back up. “They noticed that I wasn’t very happy or confident in myself so we had a serious discussion and I shared that as a 14 year old girl, I felt that my weight was bringing me down. They told me they’d find a way to help and they found Kurbo,” Jillian shares.

With a family history of high blood pressure and diabetes, Jillian’s mom, Dionne also hoped Kurbo would help her whole family learn healthy habits. “My employer offered Kurbo as a benefit and after researching it further, it seem like a good solution for us. It’s very important we maintain a healthy weight as a family,” Dionne shares.

Dionne liked that her whole family could understand and follow Kurbo’s traffic light system. “The traffic light language (red, yellow, green light foods) is something the entire family is using. Including grandparents!” Dionne says.

Jillian and Dionne embraced the Kurbo tracking strategy, using it to visualize their progress. “Once I started tracking my food, I saw how and what I could change. Now, I can look back and see how much I’ve improved,” Jillian explains. “It is helpful to see your progress with the tracking and the different functions of the app are well-suited for all ages,” Dionne says.  

Jillian loved having a Kurbo coach that kept her motivated along the way. “Coach Carey was amazing and anyone who gets her as a coach is so lucky. Every week she would tell me how great I was doing and that would boost my confidence,” Jillian says.

As she started exercising more, Jillian began to feel strong and empowered.I’ve been trail walking and horseback riding. I’ve felt an increase in energy and confidence. I used to never wear shorts because I thought my legs wouldn’t look good. Since I’ve started exercising more, I feel more confident in my clothes,” Jillian says.

Jillian’s improved confidence led her to see more and more changes in her life. “Before Kurbo, I never felt confident in myself. Now, I have more positive energy and I am more interactive with people because I am more confident. I feel like a new person,” she says.

Jillian even had the courage to support a friend in her class who was bullied for his weight. “A boy in our class called my friend a cupcake, and I turned around and said, ‘That wasn’t very nice, it’s hard to be overweight. Most teenagers deal with emotional eating and that’s how I gained weight. It’s hard to take the hate everyday.’ I felt so good after I let that out,” she explains.

Jillian feels that the support from her family was instrumental in her success. “I’ve been craving a lot of sweets lately, so my mom went and bought me a ton of fruit. My mother is probably the biggest supporter, she takes my mind off of sweets,” she explains.

By using Kurbo together as a family, Dionne noticed that she and Jillian have improved the way they talk about food and weight. “We communicate more effectively about weight loss and health now,” Dionne says. “We even talk through feelings better to decrease emotional eating.”

Jillian now recommends Kurbo to other kids and families hoping to gain a healthier relationship with food. “I tell my friends who aren’t confident to try this app. I just love Kurbo so much. It has turned my life upside down,” she says.

**This is a testimonial from an individual Kurbo user. Results will vary for different users.

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