Teen Weight Loss Success Story: After losing 19 lbs, Spencer is Turning his Life Around For The Better**

Teen Weight Loss Success Story: After losing 19 lbs, Spencer is Turning his Life Around For The Better**

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Spencer chose Kurbo because he was tired of feeling disappointed with how he looked and felt. Every other health plan he tried not only didn’t work but also made him feel worthless. “Even if you have tried other diet plans, don’t let your experience with those affect your choice to join Kurbo,” Spencer says. “Kurbo turned my life around for the better. Now, I don’t feel depressed, inadequate or worthless.”

With the help of his Kurbo Coach Sheila, Spencer learned how to reduce his impulses to eat red light foods. He wanted to take control of his eating behaviors. He hated feeling helpless. This was a turning point for Spencer. Working with Coach Sheila, Spencer became motivated to do what it takes to live a healthy life. He learned to be more mindful and make better choices at home and on-the-go with Kurbo’s red, yellow, and green light tracking system. Once Spencer started working with Coach Sheila, he never packed red light processed foods in his lunch again.

Kurbo brought Spencer to a much better state of being. “Kurbo taught me to have drive and take action rather than sitting back and doing nothing to help myself. I think working with a coach could have been one of the best decisions I have ever made in terms of my health. Coaches are so much better than just using the app by itself. Coaches can teach you specific ways to stay healthy and fit. My coach always taught me cool tricks to get me to eat right and keep me guilt free,” Spencer shares.

Coach Sheila is so proud of how far Spencer has come since he began Kurbo. “Spencer came to Kurbo looking for a solution to better his health. I think he found that and a whole lot more. He is curious and open to trying new things, learning more about food and where it comes from and how that will serve him. With these tools, he is sure to be a continued success.”

Spencer’s mom, Christian, has seen a huge transformation in her son “The best surprise has been his increased confidence,” she says. “Watching him play basketball is entirely different. He smiles while running down the court and really looks like he is having fun.”

Christian believes that Kurbo is just what their family needed. “Spencer is now the motivator in our family. He helps us all to eat healthier. I am so proud of his willpower. Spencer has found that he enjoys eating healthy food more than he thought. Working with Kurbo has truly made an impact on all of us.”

Spencer would recommend Kurbo for people of all shapes and sizes. “I would even recommend Kurbo to my ‘skinny’ friends, because I’ve learned that even healthy looking people may not feel healthy or even eat healthy. Kurbo is about learning how to lead a healthy lifestyle no matter how much you weigh.”

Go Spencer! Kurbo is cheering you on and wishing you continued success in reaching your health goals. Your dedication, motivation and your willingness to try new things to improve your health are an inspiration. You are a true role model to other kids and families.

**This is a testimonial from an individual Kurbo user. Results will vary for different users.

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