Elaine struggled with high stress, low confidence and a medical diagnosis that kept her from achieving balance. “I think along with having low confidence, I was stressed about food and exercise. I knew that I wasn’t eating a very healthy diet and I wasn’t exercising enough. I didn’t know how to change that, but I knew it wasn’t necessarily right, so that gave me a lot of stress.” Adding to Elaine’s stress was a medical diagnosis that required her to cycle on-and-off of foods like gluten and dairy. She explains, “When I could eat [those foods] again, I was eating a lot of them, like ice cream and pizza. It was too much and I wanted to figure out how to balance it out.”

Coach Elisa used a holistic approach to help Elaine. “I really thought we were only going to talk about foods I was going to eat, but [Coach Elisa] pulled in a lot more.” Coach Elisa suggested Elaine start keeping a journal, which she found to be very helpful. They also worked on skills to help her redirect her mind. “I read a lot, play the flute and am trying to teach myself to play the saxophone. My anxiety has definitely decreased a lot.”

Elaine found that the accountability of tracking provided structure. She found that tracking her foods once a day worked best for her, and then she could see her habits all in one place. Tracking keeps me honest. I know someone can see what I’m doing and if I’m tracking accurately. It’s helpful to make adjustments that I need to make. I quickly made changes to healthy foods and don’t crave the ice cream and pizza as much. Eating healthier foods helped cut cravings.”  

Elaine also steadily increased her exercise. “I definitely exercise a lot more than I used to.” Together with her coach she set goals to exercise a half hour a day or to try new exercises. “She told me about the HIIT app. It’s my favorite thing now.” She also enjoys running, biking, Zumba, and online dance videos. “I’m starting to realize that I do like exercising and how I feel afterwards. I feel more accomplished when I do it. I also like tracking it and knowing that I did it.” Tracking her exercise is especially easy with her FitBit because it syncs to the Kurbo app.

The whole family made healthy changes. “I get a lot of help from my mom. She makes [meals] with me in mind. She will ask what I’d like to have for dinner. We buy a lot more fruits and veggies. My dad has also started drinking more water. We both have water bottles we carry around.” Her family stays active walking and biking together. “Yesterday I went for a long walk with my parents and younger sister. I also go on bike rides with my sisters.”

Elaine’s confidence has increased. “Kurbo has helped me a lot with my stress levels,” says Elaine. “I feel much better about my body now. I know what the scale says is not everything. I’ve lost 12-13 pounds since I started. I’ve been exercising more and have gained more muscle. I can tell from how I look that I’ve made healthier choices. I eat everything now, just in moderation. I’m a lot more confident than I was when I started. I used to feel sluggish. Now I’m ready to take on the day!”

**This is a testimonial from an individual Kurbo user. Results will vary for different users. 

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