Kurbo is not about calorie counting. Instead, Kurbo uses a Green, Yellow, and Red Light System. Kaylah and her mom, Sarah, liked the traffic light when they were searching for something that would motivate Kaylah to get healthier. At 15, Kaylah insightfully was aware that she needed to approach weight loss with the correct mindset because she wanted to lose weight in a healthy, safe way. They both also liked the look of the Kurbo app. 

Knowing they had a plan in place eased Sarah’s anxiety. Sarah felt the weight lift off of her shoulders just by knowing that there was someone for Kaylah to check in with each week. The extra support of having a Kurbo Coach “was fantastic.” As a mother, she was also concerned with the predisposition for obesity and diabetes that run in the family, and she did not want Kaylah to face these additional health challenges as she grew older. Now that she knows Kaylah has been given the proper tools, she feels less worried.

Coach Donna “really went above & beyond.” Not only did she address Kaylah’s physical, exercise, and nutritional concerns, but she also addressed her feelings, and was always very supportive of the emotional side of the journey. Coach Donna worked with Kaylah weekly to continuously motivate her. Kaylah says, “We really connected. She was really helpful.” Sarah also thinks Coach Donna helped make the entire family healthier! As a whole, the family is no longer eating as many processed foods and are more aware of the fat and sugar content in the foods that they eat.

Small Kurbo changes add up to big results — Kaylah lost 23 pounds. After she began working with Coach Donna, Kaylah started exercising more and joined the swim team. Now she swims every day except on Sunday. She also began cutting out red light foods, eating fewer sweets and junk foods, and began eating more green light foods. She began to notice the changes in her body as she learned how the Kurbo system worked. Kaylah knows if she keeps up the consistent work she will continue seeing progress.  

Kaylah’s parents are excellent supporters of her health journey. Her parents help her by asking what healthy snacks she would like them to buy for her when they are grocery shopping to make her choices easier. They also removed the existing junk food from the house when she first started. Her parents have encouraged her to exercise and are her biggest fans at the swim meets. 

Kaylah thinks Kurbo really works and other kids should try it.

“I feel more confident. Less insecure. Healthier too. And a lot less shy!” 

**This is a testimonial from an individual Kurbo family. Results will vary for different users. 

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