As a competitive dancer, Katie realized that she needed to fuel her body better. By developing new habits with Kurbo, learning from her coach and getting support from her mom, she has noticed the difference in her body and in her dancing. Katie says, “Tap dancing is my favorite thing. I feel that dance is easier now. I feel lighter, I focus easier.”

Every week, both Katie and her mom, Denise, participate in coaching calls with Coach Sabahat. Denise is very happy with her decision to sign up for the family coaching plan that allows her and her daughter to work with Coach Sabahat together. “The coach is great because every week, they set goals to try new foods. The suggestions from the coach have been wonderful. She is very motivating and positive,” says Denise. Katie also says,“I love my coach. She’s very nice. She motivates me to be healthier.”

Coach Sabahat connected with Katie and Denise on what they wanted to get out of the program. Katie and her mom were excited to try out some new recipes, which Coach Sabahat introduced them to through Kurbo’s extensive recipe resources. “Zucchini pizza, we loved those! We did waffles with spinach inside of them. Instead of using flour for waffles, Coach Sabahat taught us how to put oats in the food processor. She gave us a recipe for salad dressing that I really liked,” shared Katie. These weekly experiments helped them create fun memories around healthy food. 

Coach Sabahat also consistently encouraged Katie to try new foods. Katie has become fond of fruit smoothies for breakfast and especially enjoys them with mango and pomegranate, which are new foods she didn’t used to eat. “I’d never had pomegranates. Before Kurbo I wouldn’t have been as open to eating those.” Then, when she learned that she could put nutrient-dense kale in her smoothies, she began adding greens to her smoothies as well and continued to experiment. She still enjoys her favorite granola bars, she budgets for them now. “I usually try to eat them once a week, instead of daily. I feel that it’s easier to budget when I eat them when I have a plan.”

Katie especially learned that planning ahead works well for her. “My coach really helps me because she helps me make a plan for the week.” Part of her plan was to incorporate more water. “I am definitely drinking more water,” says Katie. “I try to drink 64 oz a day. Before Kurbo I didn’t drink as much.” She also uses alarms. “I usually set an alarm for when I want to work out every day. That helps me stay on track.” 

Denise acknowledges positive changes in Katie. She’s definitely more focused. She comes downstairs with a plan in the morning. Smoothies are part of her plan. She knows what she needs and wants,” says Denise.  She has also expanded her exercise beyond dancing. Katie has begun running on the treadmill and occasionally playing basketball with her brother. And, she encourages her friends to be active as well. Denise adds, “She asks her friends to go on bike rides with her. It’s nice to see her more active.” 

Denise has also noticed the changes in her daughter’s snacking habits. “Before Kurbo, Katie loved to snack on bags of spicy tortilla chips. She doesn’t eat those any more. She made that change herself,” Denise explains. Katie found lots of delicious foods she can choose for snacks instead of chips. Katie says, “Now I usually snack on sunflower seeds, almonds, roasted chickpeas, plain popcorn.”

Now, Denise makes sure there is always something healthy available for Katie to choose. “I’m more aware of having more veggies at meal time and fruits available. We are buying a lot more salad kits.” Denise adds, “Katie even took a trip with me to the grocery store. She never used to go to the store with me. It was great.”

Denise would love for Katie to continue coaching for at least a year. As a mom, she  feels that having the support of coaching through every season would be beneficial for her daughter. “There are so many changes in a year: school beginning and ending, holidays, parties. I’d like her to understand the variables and how to be successful,” explains Denise. “It’s really been a great program, it’s really easy to work with. I wish there had been a program to learn a healthy lifestyle at a young age. I wouldn’t have struggled with my weight as an adult if I had learned these skills at a young age.”

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