Liora needed help with the challenges of weight gain while staying at home. “I was having a really hard time with eating, especially portions. Recently since the beginning of Covid, I was gaining weight and I didn’t understand why.” While researching WW (Weight Watchers reimagined) for teens, she found out that Kurbo was designed specifically for kids and teens. 

Coach Gail guided her to create healthier habits. “I really liked that Coach Gail was so encouraging. We would always focus on one specific thing each week. We would just work on one specific part and that helped me improve along the way. She would also send me articles… I still have them all and I can go back and look at them anytime. My mom knows a lot about nutrition, but I’ve never listened to her! Hearing it from someone else really helped.”

Drinking more water helps Liora stay on track with her health goals. “One of the things that really stuck that I still focus on every day is the amount of water you’re supposed to drink a day. I used to not even drink a water bottle a day. It was a surprise learning how much I needed. Now I drink a cup of water with every meal. I carry water around with me and refill it. I used to think about snacking all the time but drinking water really helps.” Liora feels the water helped her skin too. “I used to have really bad acne, since I started Kurbo my acne is gone.”

Liora learned to enjoy new foods and how to read nutrition labels. “I eat a lot of green light foods. I don’t eat as many red light foods anymore because I feel bad after I eat them now. I used to eat fried foods and pizza. Now I make my own pizza or make baked chicken with spices. I like to spray Cauliflower with salt, pepper, and olive oils. I roast it in the oven. I learned a lot of things about how to read nutrition labels. For instance, I used to think anything ‘organic’ was super healthy, but now I can tell that because something is labeled organic doesn’t mean it’s something I should be eating.”

She committed to movement and noticed her screen time decreased. “I am exercising more now. I’m trying to find more ways to be active throughout my day. I’m on the screen a lot because of school. During class, if we have been sitting for a long time, I get up and walk up and down the stairs a few times with my computer to get my blood flowing. During breaks, I like to go outside and take walks. On days I don’t walk around as much I feel gloomy.” Liora was on a dance team before Covid. “I had to give up dance, but I still have dance lessons once a week. Now when I dance it feels so much better.”

Liora’s family encouraged her healthy lifestyle. “My whole family has been very supportive. They are always there. They encourage me and remind me to look back at my progress and they remind me to focus on the future. Mom tells me how I can modify or make something healthier.” In addition, she and her sisters exercise with her mom, who is also an exercise instructor. “We do classes 1-2 times a week. It is hard but it feels really good.”

Her mother, Danya, is so proud of her daughter’s healthy habits she developed. “After an initial stretch of depression and rapid weight gain, Liora took charge of her life and joined Kurbo. With the help of her amazing online coach, Coach Gail, she has lost 22 pounds** since July, become an avid exerciser and has become passionate about healthy cooking. Her transformation has affected everything. She is less moody, more positive, caring, and helpful at home, and last semester her grades were the highest they have ever been! More importantly, her entire demeanor and outlook have changed. She has blossomed into a determined 15-year-old who we couldn’t be more proud of.” 

Danya credits Kurbo Coach Gail for helping Liora find her way.Coach Gail has been an incredible source of inspiration and strength for her. Even though I have tried in the past to teach Liora many of these same principles, it just isn’t the same as hearing it from her own coach and making it her “own” thing. Somehow this wonderful coach and the Kurbo structure has just clicked with Liora and completely changed her path and even her demeanor. Coach Gail is knowledgeable, enthusiastic, fun and encouraging. She seems to have a wonderful rapport with Liora and Liora feels connected and comfortable with her. Coach Gail has fostered the self esteem Liora has gained by taking control of her health and this is seeping into all the other aspects of her life, including her school work and her attitude at home and towards us. We never knew our 15-year-old daughter could ever have the resolve to do this. She has really surprised us and kept it going for 8 months now with no signs of giving up. I truly feel like this is part of her now…for the long term.”

**This is a testimonial from an individual Kurbo user. Results will vary for different users.