Amelia was struggling with trying new foods and her mother, Enid, became concerned for her health. 

“I reached out to her pediatrician who helped me talk to Amelia about making a change and eating healthy. We came up with a plan to lose 40 pounds in 2 years. Her pediatrician recommended Weight Watchers. As I was looking into it I came across Kurbo and I decided to give it a try. It was the best decision I made for Amelia.” 

Anxious at first, Amelia is confident in her Kurbo journey now

“I felt really nervous because I didn’t know what I was walking into. Now I feel really accomplished with the goals I have achieved. Coach Paige was really helpful. She supported me and encouraged me that I could do it. She taught me about slow chewing and how to measure my potions.” 

Amelia began Kurbo thinking fruits and veggies were gross. Now she eats them almost every meal. 

“Kurbo really changed the way I thought about food since I was a picky eater. My green lights really went up. When I began Kurbo I wasn’t eating any green lights. Now I eat four to eight a day. My favorite green light foods are now celery and mushrooms. I’ve also tried salad. It’s one of my favorites to eat now. “

Coach Paige also encouraged Enid to let Amelia help out in the kitchen. 

Amelia can now cook her own eggs and she even made a fruit salad for the family’s Thanksgiving meal. Her mom shares, “I’m so proud of her! Amelia went from almost eating nothing on the Kurbo shopping list to now eating 80% of the list.” Amelia agrees, “Now that I’m changing the way I’m eating I feel accomplished.”

Amelia is feeling more energized and confident… and she made the honor roll too! 

“When I was just eating cereal for breakfast I was tired in the morning and I wanted to sleep in school. When I started eating breakfast with protein, I was more alert in school.” 

One of Amelia’s goals was to be in intermediate ballet

“We set activity goals around ballet, including a goal to stretch daily, which helps to increase my stamina. I feel really good about myself!” Adds her mom, “Amelia has come a long way with this program. She is in dance 3 days a week. The results that I see with the Kurbo and her dancing, I can rest knowing that my daughter is on the right path to a healthy life.”

Coach Paige helped the whole family move forward with confidence. 

“Coach Paige’s guidance, patience and determination to help Amelia has been my saving grace. My daughter is absolutely beautiful and it’s not about her size. It’s about her being healthy and learning to make good choices so she can live a beautiful healthy life. Coach Paige has given me and Amelia that confidence.”


**This is a testimonial from an individual Kurbo user. Results will vary for different users.