We teens face many physical and emotional challenges throughout our daily lives. Am I fast enough to make the soccer team? Why can’t I focus in class? Will other teens make fun of me for my weight? It is common to have some mix of these thoughts and other similar anxieties. However, such worries do not have to be so prevalent in our lives.

Kurbo is here to mitigate the epidemic and to help teens achieve total health and wellness. With proven success as a physical and emotional health program for kids and teens, Kurbo utilizes decades of research from Stanford University and SUNY Buffalo to create a balanced approach to helping those struggling with similar anxieties. The harmony between creating a healthy diet and building a daily exercise plan sets Kurbo apart from other weight loss programs that might place a heavier focus on just one of those components: either diet or exercise. As many studies have pointed out, we need both a balanced meal and physical activity in order to develop healthy and sustainable habits.

Also, something unique to Kurbo as a program is that the focus is not solely on controlling weight. While that may very well be an ultimate goal, the kids and teens on the program start with and develop other goals too, such as feeling healthier, being able to focus more, and living happier lives. As a result, Kurbo becomes less about losing weight and more about achieving total health and wellness. It’s about being healthier human beings, with weight loss being one of the many potential side benefits.

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Issues regarding teen physical and emotional health have become more pressing in society today. In the short-term, we are probably a long way from eradicating them completely. But there are steps we can take to reduce them and hopefully one day, eliminate them altogether. So give Kurbo a try, and you will find how you and many others across the country have the ability to take control and live happier, healthier lives.


Michael Shames is a rising senior at Menlo High School. He is on the Executive Board of the school newspaper, plays varsity baseball, and spends his summers as a sports camp counselor. Michael takes great interest in health and wellness and is interested in learning more about how positive role modeling can help kids and teens improve their health. He will be interning at Kurbo, Summer 2015.

Kurbo provides the first mobile-based health coaching and weight management program for kids, teens, and their families. See whether Kurbo is right for your child, try a Kurbo coaching plan for free today!