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Child Weight Loss Success Story: Luca Loses Weight and Gains Confidence After Kurbo!**

Child Weight Loss Success Story: Luca Loses Weight and Gains Confidence After Kurbo!

Luca and his mom, Shari, chatted with us about their journey with Kurbo and the success he has had so far. They hope that their story and experience can help other Kurbo kids and families with their weight loss and health goals as well.

Before Kurbo, Luca was uncomfortable with his weight

“I felt embarrassed,” Luca mentioned. He was shy about swimming and getting teased at school. Luca’s mom, Shari, didn’t want him to worry about feeling that way. They both wanted to find a way to help him boost his confidence and lose weight.


Child Weight Loss Success Story: Ava, 9 year old, loses 7 pounds and helps her parents lose weight, too.**

Ava’s weight was preventing her from reaching a goal she had been working so hard to achieve. “I was trying to learn my cartwheels but I couldn’t. I couldn’t get to the top of my cartwheel and I just felt like I had no energy,” Ava says. After her pediatrician told her she needed to lose weight, her mom, Stephanie, started looking for solutions.

Stephanie was exhausted from the ups and downs of putting Ava on a diet. “We tried everything to get her healthy but nothing worked,” her mom, Stephanie, shares. “I felt that we were kind of spiraling out of control because instead of losing weight she was gaining weight. That was when I saw an ad for Kurbo online and decided we would give this one last chance.”


Adult Weight Loss Success Story: When bariatric surgery failed for Lindsay, she found success she was looking for with Kurbo.**

After cycling through diets and even undergoing bariatric surgery, Lindsay wanted a healthy lifestyle she could sustain. “When I was 17, I had weight loss surgery, and then struggled with disordered eating throughout all of college and then had the surgery reversed right before I started Kurbo. I’ve probably been on every diet under the sun and I realized that dieting wasn’t how I wanted to live my life, I wanted to achieve more of a healthy lifestyle,” she shares.

Lindsay also wanted to prevent the long-term health effects of being overweight. “I work in the wellness industry, I know that being overweight is not good for your health. My work and the fact that my grandfather was diabetic contributed to my fear of becoming diabetic. I knew that I wanted to prevent the effects of being overweight,” she explains.


Adult Success Story: Jenny, 35, transforms her relationship with her body, food and exercise and loses 11 pounds.**

Jenny heard about Kurbo from her employer and decided to sign up to gain healthier habits. “After the holidays, I got into some bad habits and I just needed a kick start. I wanted to lose a couple of pounds and feel healthier. As a parent with a full time job, I didn’t want to do anything that involved a huge commitment. I wanted something that was simple and less of a hardcore diet.”

She and Coach Maxine worked together to transform her typical food choices into healthier options. “I used to think that a protein powder shake in the morning would be a good idea. Coach Maxine explained that I didn’t need to focus so much on protein, especially from the calorie dense foods I was eating, like peanut butter. I learned there are plenty of places to get protein that are better for my body. Now I have a fruit and veggie smoothie with yogurt instead.”


Child Success Story: Valentine, age 8, drops 11 BMI points and transforms her family’s health trajectory**

Worried about Valentine’s rapid weight gain, Aurore decided to try Kurbo. “I liked that it was tailored to kids and their parents. I thought the approach was really about health and empowering kids to make the right choices,” Aurore, Valentine’s mom says. Valentine was also excited to start. “I wanted to lose my belly fat,” Valentine shares.

Valentine’s favorite part about Kurbo was getting her coach. “I got a new friend. Coach Zoe is the best,” Valentine says. “She loved Coach Zoe and really looked forward to the session with her each week,” Valentine says.


Child Weight Loss Success Story: Kacie, 7 years old, drops a significant 8 BMI points and helps her parents lose pounds, too!**

With a family history of obesity and diabetes, Kacie’s mom wanted her to gain healthy habits early on. “I’ve just felt like that is not something that is adequately taught to you as a child or even as an adult and I wanted to give her a better foundation of tools that she could build off of and not encounter the same frustrations as I have as an adult,” Kacie’s mom, Brooke says.

Kacie also was eager to start Kurbo, after experiencing frequent stomach aches.“My tummy was hurting and I thought that maybe eating healthier would make me feel better,” Kacie says. “I wanted a program that focused more on feeling good instead of focusing on weight,” Brooke shares.


Teen Weight Loss Success Story: Matthew becomes a master of portion control and loses 12 lbs!**

Matt and his mom had tried losing weight on their own, but they wanted something different. “Matt and his friends are very big eaters, they are growing boys. Matt’s friends were hitting their growth spurts, but Matt was not and it was starting to show. We said, ‘Okay let’s start eating healthier’ but he was never satisfied and he was cranky about it so we talked about doing something different,” Matt’s mom, Jeanne says.

Matt decided to try Kurbo to learn how to portion control. “I was kind of obsessed with food, I was always hungry and eating. I went from 20 meals a day to 3 meals a day with Kurbo. When my mom told me I had to eat well I would say ‘I don’t care’. I play football and so I was trying to eat a lot, but then I realized I should probably start eating healthier,” Matt shares.


Teen Weight Maintenance Success Story: Working with Kurbo, Aristotle has made long-term changes to his eating behaviors.**

Aristotle wanted to become more conscious of his food choices, so he signed up for Kurbo. “I wanted to watch the food I was eating and I wanted to maintain a healthier diet than what I was eating at the time.”

He loved keeping track of what he was eating through the Kurbo app.I really liked how easy it was to use because I could just pull out my phone whenever I wanted to and put in the food I had eaten. The way the app is set up made it easy to input my food.”


Teen Weight Loss Success Story: Kelesia inspires her whole community to make healthy lifestyle changes.**

Photo above is of Kelesia (left) and her younger sister (right).

Kelesia’s mom was concerned about their family history of high blood pressure. “I worried that it might impact Kelesia and I tried to tell her that being overweight is a contributing cause for high blood pressure, but that wouldn’t resonate with her,” Leslyan says.

Kelesia chose Kurbo so she could get motivated to start living a healthier lifestyle. “We tried changing our eating habits, but we weren’t consistent with it,” Leslyan notes. “From the minute I heard about Kurbo, I was interested because you have your own personal coach who motivates you and educates you,” Kelesia shares.  


Child Weight Loss Success Story: Talissa turns eating healthy and exercising into her new lifestyle.**

Talissa was ready to make a change, so she decided to sign up for Kurbo. “Her clothes weren’t fitting her properly and she was feeling a little bit down about it and she would feel upset about how she looked,” Talissa’s mom, Robynne shares. “I’m a little bit bigger and I wanted to change that,” Talissa says. “I just looked at the average person that’s joined Kurbo and how far they’ve come and that inspired me to do it.”

Talissa and her coach worked together to decide what changes she could make to live a healthier lifestyle. “Before I would just start eating without thinking about it. Coach Lauren taught me how to read labels and how to figure out the number of red lights I should have. We talk about exercise and the importance of sleep too, in maintaining a healthy weight,” Talissa shares.