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Green Snack Ideas for Winter

Have you ever wondered why snacking in the winter can feel more burdensome than snacking in the summer? My hypothesis is there are more variables to consider: Has it snowed today? What size coat will I need to go to the grocery store? Is it dark before 5pm? Do I want a warm or a cold snack? What green light foods are in season? Can I make it while wearing mittens?


Teen Weight Loss Success Story: In the midst of big life changes, Macee learns to make healthy choices and loses over 20 lbs.

After trying other diets and programs, Macee was ready to make long-lasting changes. She signed up for Kurbo.  “Before I had tried gluten free and paleo and I wasn’t able to eat a lot of things. I also tried a program that sent me meal packages, but I had to eat the same food everyday and it was very restrictive. Kurbo was easier because I was still able to have foods that I wanted to eat. I can go to a friend’s house and say, ‘Yea I can have pancakes in the morning!’ because I have budgeted my red lights. It prepared me for how life really is,” Macee says.

Macee worked with Coach Emily to learn how to make healthy choices even in tough situations. I was on a road trip a few months ago and we stopped at a gas station to get snacks and drinks and I didn’t know what fun drink I could get that wasn’t diet soda. Later that week she told me the names of a few drinks like sparkling water or naturally flavored water that I could buy instead next time,” Macee shares. “Sometimes even when we’re at the grocery store deciding what to buy we’ll text Coach Emily for help,” Macee’s mom, Shelley says.


Child Weight Loss Success Story: Talissa turns eating healthy and exercising into her new lifestyle.

Talissa was ready to make a change, so she decided to sign up for Kurbo. “Her clothes weren’t fitting her properly and she was feeling a little bit down about it and she would feel upset about how she looked,” Talissa’s mom, Robynne shares. “I’m a little bit bigger and I wanted to change that,” Talissa says. “I just looked at the average person that’s joined Kurbo and how far they’ve come and that inspired me to do it.”

Talissa and her coach worked together to decide what changes she could make to live a healthier lifestyle. “Before I would just start eating without thinking about it. Coach Lauren taught me how to read labels and how to figure out the number of red lights I should have. We talk about exercise and the importance of sleep too, in maintaining a healthy weight,” Talissa shares.


Kurbo Weight Loss Success Story: Sophia learns to resist her urge to snack and drops 12 lbs

Sophia was having trouble resisting urges to snack at home. “I was home alone a lot and I didn’t have any self control. I was snacking too much and cooking a lot of unhealthy foods to eat when I was bored. I would try to stop snacking, but I just couldn’t do it on my own.”

She wanted something that would keep her accountable, and that was Kurbo. “I just wanted something where I could put down what I was eating and everything I was eating. I wanted some external form accountability,” Sophia says. She found Kurbo. “Kurbo took her dad and I out of the equation of trying to help her make healthier choices. Instead, it was a partnership with her and her coach,” her mom, Lisa, notes.


Child Weight Loss Success Story: Emily turns healthy eating into a new lifestyle and loses 9lbs this summer!

Emily wanted to learn how to manage her weight, but the programs she tried weren’t working. “We went to a family summer weight loss program. She really got into it, but once we left, there was no more positive reinforcement and things began to backslide,” Emily’s mom, Miranda, shares. “We tried nutritionists but she was having difficulties because it is all about restriction. We would do it for a few weeks, see short term results, and then it would rebound.”  

Emily and her family like that Kurbo is different: it’s sustainable. “Instead of telling Emily, ‘you can’t eat this’ and ‘avoid these foods,’ Kurbo is more of an expansion of lifestyle, rather than a restriction of lifestyle. It’s so positive, you’re giving kids more options instead of limiting them. Kurbo emphasizes what you can and should be eating more of. It’s all about showing kids what they are capable of doing,” Miranda says.


Teen Weight Loss Success Story: With Kurbo, Joni overcomes her urge to snack, and loses 12 lbs this summer!

Joni wanted help with her eating, but wanted something that she could own. “The doctor mentioned a nutritionist, but we didn’t want to do that because we wanted something that fit more with her lifestyle, so I found Kurbo,”  Joni’s mom, Lisa, says. “It seemed like the perfect program, something that she could do on her own, and when I showed Joni, she said ‘let’s do it!’. We tried different things but it wasn’t her own thing, with Kurbo she’d be able to have ownership.”   

Working with Coach Laura, Joni quickly realized her biggest issue to tackle: snacking. “Joni has two older brothers, so she was eating like a 13 year old boy” Lisa shares. “Usually I would eat breakfast and leave for school and then eat lunch, and have a snack after lunch, and then I’d come home and have another snack, and have dinner and then eat another snack after dinner. Since working with Kurbo, I don’t even eat snacks anymore. I’ll get hungry but I know that lunch is coming up so I wait for lunch and then get full” Joni says.


Child Weight Loss Success Story: 7 pounds lighter, Michael has transformed from “TV junkie” to an Honor Student and family role model

Michael’s physical and mental health was quickly diminishing. “Not only did he have high triglycerides and cholesterol, but he was very tired and irritable,” his mom, Sandra, shares. “He didn’t want to get up for school, his grades started dropping, and he felt depressed. He started playing a lot of video games and not getting outside as much. Our doctor recommended better nutrition and told us to try out Kurbo.”

Michael and Sandra decided that Kurbo would be the best way to get him healthier. “I felt that I would learn a lot about how to eat healthy with Kurbo,” Michael says. Sandra also thought it was perfect for tracking foods and learning which foods were actually healthy. “We wanted to live a healthier life inside and out.”


Kurbo mom, Michelle, explains why signing her daughter up for Kurbo was worth the price

Before Kurbo, Ashley’s dieting would lead to frustration and even weight gain. “When we were dieting on our own, she would get so mad at herself when she would eat unhealthy foods. She would be so upset that she would feel like she’d have to start all over. So one bad day would lead to two bad days, which would lead to a week, and the diet would actually lead to weight gain.”

Michelle likes that Kurbo is more realistic and forgiving, allowing for lasting change. “Coach Monica would go over the different types of red light foods – what were healthier red lights and what were less healthy red lights – so that Ashley wouldn’t be upset when she ate red lights. Now, Ashley allows herself to eat cake with her friends at birthday parties. She’s given herself permission to take on some red lights and be okay with it. That way, her weight loss is actually more doable and more long-term.”


Teen Weight Loss Success Story: 8 lbs lighter, Lila blossoms and is ready to take on high school with confidence

About to enter high school, 14-year-old Lila wanted to start feeling confident about her body. “I was feeling really bad about myself and feeling kind of depressed, I just didn’t feel good. I wanted to feel better about myself because I was at my heaviest and I wasn’t happy with myself.” Lila shares. “It was easier for her friends to be thin, and I could see that was hard on Lila,” her mom, Daphne, says.

Both Lila and Daphne felt that Kurbo was the best choice to help change her lifestyle. “I liked Kurbo’s philosophy that there aren’t any foods you can’t eat, because that makes it impossible for kids to succeed because they can’t eat with their friends,” Daphne notes. “We eat pretty healthy at home, so it really is just about making good choices outside of the house, which is what Kurbo does. It gives the kids full responsibility.”


Child Weight Loss Success Story: Ava, 9 year old, loses 7 pounds and helps her parents lose weight, too

Ava’s weight was preventing her from reaching a goal she had been working so hard to achieve. “I was trying to learn my cartwheels but I couldn’t. I couldn’t get to the top of my cartwheel and I just felt like I had no energy,” Ava says. After her pediatrician told her she needed to lose weight, her mom, Stephanie, started looking for solutions.

Stephanie was exhausted from the ups and downs of putting Ava on a diet. “We tried everything to get her healthy but nothing worked,” her mom, Stephanie, shares. “I felt that we were kind of spiraling out of control because instead of losing weight she was gaining weight. That was when I saw an ad for Kurbo online and decided we would give this one last chance.”