Success Story:10-year-old Libby set a goal to be more active and lost over 16 pounds with Kurbo**

Success Story:10-year-old Libby set a goal to be more active and lost over 16 pounds with Kurbo**

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When Libby decided she wanted to be more active, she and her mom Holly set out to find a program to support her journey. “I wanted my clothes to fit better and I wanted to be more active,” starts Libby. “My mom found Kurbo online.”

Libby’s mom, Holly, says,” We were hesitant to try Kurbo out, but after the first month of the trial we could see that Kurbo explains things not only in terms that Libby would understand, but it is also something sustainable that we could do as a family.”

There are a few health concerns in the family that motivated Holly to get Libby started on the Kurbo program.  Holly says, “We have a history of high blood pressure and diabetes in our family. Libby expressed wanting to be more like her friends, and there was a lot of focus on being one of the last ones in PE and she wanted to change that.” Holly also adds, “My mom put me on a diet at a very young age and I wanted Libby to have a better shot at figuring this stuff out since many in our family have always struggled with weight.”

Working with Coach Ann Marie has been incredible for Libby’s health journey.  “Coach Ann Marie says things to help me feel very happy and proud of what I’m doing.. She makes me feel like I’ve accomplished a lot and it’s fun to discuss how far I’ve come with her. I like to set challenges and Coach Ann Marie helps me do that,” says Libby.

Holly adds, “Coach Ann Marie sets really awesome goals and was able to push Libby. Libby is very used to succeeding, but having the coaching really helped to prepare Libby for those situations that might be a little more difficult. A lot of people think the coaching is just something extra, but I noticed a huge change in the way that the sessions really makes Libby think about things ahead of time, and I think that’s a huge testament to the coaching program and to Coach Ann Marie.”

Quite a few things have changed for Libby and her family after incorporating the Kurbo plan. “One thing we have done more is prepping and having conversations about making healthy choices for school lunches and having Libby pick her food. Her dad and I would eat things in the past that Libby would not want to try, but now she has been more open to trying new things,” explains Holly.

Libby says, “We have more fruit now, and also found veggie burgers. Now I feel like I can try new things and expand my menu to be healthier with my choices. Before, I really liked fish sticks, and then I tried tilapia. Now I eat it all the time and it’s a yellow light instead of a red light. I feel more open to trying things now that I know a lot more about what things are okay to have. I really like the food I’m eating and I just wake up happy.”

Kurbo has also allowed Holly to worry less about her daughter’s health for the future. “In general, Libby has been so open to Kurbo and I expected a lot of resistance around having to make different choices than her friends. She has not let that bother her or peer pressure her, and I think that shows how strong-willed she is. It’s been wonderful because Kurbo is one way I’ve seen her grow and mature,” shares Holly.

Kurbo isn’t exactly what Libby and Holly were hoping for,  it was better!

“To be honest, Libby and I have always had a great relationship, but Kurbo has given us another way to connect and she has inspired me to give it a go, so I have joined Kurbo as well,” says Holly.

Libby states, “My clothes fit better and I am faster at running around with my friends. I used to feel kind of slow compared to them and I felt less energetic than I do now. Kurbo is really fun because you get to talk with a coach, challenge yourself, learn about foods, and learn how to make good choices!”

Wow, Libby! Kurbo is so proud of all the amazing habits you’ve been able to incorporate to live a healthier life. We know you will continue to succeed and inspire others to do the same!

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