Trinette had big goals going into Kurbo. She shares, “My two main goals were to eat healthier and shed some pounds. I heard about Kurbo through work and signed up.” 

Her experience working with a Kurbo coach was very positive. She says, “Coach Tiffany is great! I have really enjoyed working and talking with her. She didn’t push me to do things, but rather encouraged me to try new things instead. For example, we talked about oatmeal. I was using the instant packets and she encouraged me to try old fashioned oats as a healthier alternative.” Coach Tiffany shares, “Trinette is a very easy person to talk to and very laid back. We have a great relationship.” 

She made several small changes that aided her in her weight loss journey  Trinette shares, “I’m not a soda person. I have always drunk water, but I am constantly drinking a lot more now. I drink it with every meal.” She adds, “I was never really a veggie person, but I am better about eating veggies now.” Trinette further adds, “My main weakness is sweets and cakes. I have not eliminated them completely, but I don’t eat them as much anymore.”  Coach Tiffany shares, “Trinette downloaded the Kurbo cookbook at the very beginning. She also has a good balance of allowing herself red light foods, but doesn’t overdo it when she does eat them.”  

She increased her daily activity.  Trinette explains, “I wasn’t as active before I started Kurbo. Now, I have become much more active. I will walk and do other exercises during the day.” She adds, “My coach even told me about free Youtube exercise videos which I have tried.” Coach Tiffany shares, “Trinette wasn’t walking regularly before Kurbo, but she has made that a priority. Walking is now her ‘go-to’ exercise that she feels will be sustainable long term. She has increased her walking time from 10 minutes to 30 minutes and has even added exercises from an app she recently downloaded.” 

Trinette feels significantly better all around.  She shares, “What surprised me the most was how I feel now. My attitude and perspective toward food have changed for the better and I feel great; mentally, physically, and emotionally!”  She adds, “What motivates me to keep going and maintain these healthy habits is wanting to keep losing weight and feeling great.” Coach Tiffany says, “Trinette is definitely more aware of what she is feeding her body. She’s less likely to pick up fast food/fried food/processed foods now since doing Kurbo. She is more intentional about putting nutrient-dense foods in her body.” Coach Tiffany concludes, “Trinette’s clothing is fitting much better since beginning Kurbo. She wants to continue with the healthy habits she learned with Kurbo long term.” 

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