Shelly learned that Kurbo is a great resource for both kids and adults.  “My husband and I thought it was just for kids, but found out adults could sign up for it too. We were doing another program at the same time but we actually enjoyed using Kurbo more,” she says. “I was able to get into it really easily and not having to calculate or count anything was super nice.”

She found ways to incorporate more green lights into her meals. “Kurbo had a different approach from other programs in the way it focuses on healthy green light foods,” says Shelly. “One of my main goals was to increase my intake of fruits and vegetables. Before, I would always cut things out and not add the right things back in. I found that it was adding in food, a green light to every single meal, that resulted in my weight loss. I used to eat veggies and fruit but didn’t try to get it in with every meal and snack, now I make an effort to do so,” she says.

Shelly believes that good health concerns more than just weight loss. “Being healthy isn’t just about losing weight, but is also about building up other healthy habits. Do what you’re supposed to do and that healthy number will eventually come. You don’t have to be a slave to that number on the scale, but can take everything else into consideration,” she explains. “Don’t focus on calories. Get your green lights in. The weight will come later. The second I stopped trying to lose weight and just focused on eating healthy the weight came off.”

Shelly’s family is what motivates her the most to be healthy. “My mother did not make a lot of healthy choices and now her health is going downhill really fast. I still have a young daughter and I don’t want to end up with failing health. So I focus on healthy habits now so I can be around long-term for her,” she shares. “I have a goal to walk 12,000 steps every day and I hit it almost daily. I actually run around with my daughter and go on walks with her to get my steps up, which has been nice bonding time for us. My daughter seems to really thrive on what I am doing with Kurbo. She is my main motivation,” says Shelly.

Coach Kelly taught Shelly how to make healthier versions of foods. “I really love pizza. At first, my reaction was that I couldn’t have it, but my coach told me that wasn’t true, and that all I had to do was make a healthier pizza. I worked hard on creating healthier versions and I couldn’t have that without Coach Kelly’s help. I tried putting asparagus, brussels sprouts, and radishes on a pizza and it was fabulous. You feel like you’re ‘cheating,’ but you’re not.”

Shelly found that Kurbo focuses on more than just diet and exercise. “One of the biggest changes I have made with Kurbo is trying to find more ‘me time.’ I usually have very little of that available during my day, but Coach Kelly stressed the importance of making time for it daily,” she says. “Relax when you can. It’s about finding an opportunity to take 5 – 10 minutes for yourself. This has really helped with decreasing my stress and increasing my happiness.”

She is now more conscious of what she puts in her body. “I have become more conscious regarding my thoughts surrounding food and healthy eating. It has actually become second nature to stop and consider a food; whether it has any nutrition to it, or if it is just junk. If I do have some food that is more junk, I just have a small amount for a treat or snack, never for a meal,” she says.

Shelly found the Kurbo app to be really fun!  “Out of all the tracking apps I have used this is the most fun. I have enjoyed making up recipes with vegetables and even hiding them from my family in some recipes. Even when this program is over I am going to continue to use it as my platform for a healthy life.”

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