As a mom, sometimes you forget to focus on yourself. As a wife and mother, Rasha simply wanted to learn how to eat healthily and lose some weight. She realized as many moms do, that as she focused on what was best for her child, she tended to put herself last. Kurbo helped her create balance.

Rasha needed to establish overall healthy habits. Her first major change was drinking more water. Steadily she became more conscience of what she was eating. She found that paying attention to portion sizes was the challenge, not necessarily the foods themselves. Tracking in the Kurbo app helped her become more conscious of her choices.

Exercise used to be a challenge. Before she began Kurbo, Rasha was not that active. Walking was her only form of exercise. She consistently found that the cold weather where she lives kept her from enjoying outdoor exercise. Then she joined the gym. “That was a big change for me,” Rasha says. She found performing leg exercises to build and shape her body also helped to build her self-esteem and encouraged her to do even more.

Coach Anne Marie never forgot the details. Rasha is a vegetarian and found her coach to be very oriented to her need for alternative options. Coach Ann Marie was very encouraging and aware of the directions she needed to go. She was good at supporting her every step of the way.

Tracking in the app kept her motivated and focused on the long term goals.  Coach Ann Marie set weekly goals for Rasha in the Kurbo App, and Rasha would track her food and exercise. This became a habit which encouraged her to do it even more. She has toned up and lost 20 pounds. Now she says, “My body feels lighter and I have more energy.”

“Sometimes you just you just need to start. Just take the small steps, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Focus on the end result, and then you will gain the big results you are after.”

All of us here at Kurbo are proud of your success Rasha!

**This is a testimonial from an individual Kurbo user. Results will vary for different users. 

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