Success Story: Ella, 13, learned how to live a healthy life while losing 10 pounds along the way

Success Story: Ella, 13, learned how to live a healthy life while losing 10 pounds along the way

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When Ella decided to make healthy changes, her mom Jeanne started to evaluate their options. Jeanne says, “I was trying to look for some guidance since Ella was wanting to make changes. Using an anti-diet approach for the research, the Kurbo website came up and I started watching videos on the program. I liked that it didn’t talk about dieting and it was very positive, encouraging kids to move more. I also liked that it wasn’t a shame-based diet where the focus was on weight; Kurbo focused on eating healthier and being phone-based it took the pressure off.”

Along with some concerns about family history and health risks, Jeanne just wanted Ella to learn more about sustainable living. Jeanne says, “Ella wanted to be healthier. Heart disease runs in our family, and the number of heart attacks that our family has experienced motivated all of us to start eating healthier.”

Working with Coach Ann Marie provided Ella with accountability and support. Ella says, “I like that every week I get to talk to Coach Ann Marie. It has really helped having another person besides my family to help my through my journey and I definitely want to keep going. I think it’s a really good program for teens and kids because we go to a lot of events and activities where there are treats around so Kurbo makes it easier to balance.”

The Kurbo experience was definitely different than Ella was anticipating. “I feel like the program has gone by a lot faster than I thought it would, and it definitely was not as much of a struggle as I thought it would be,” starts Ella. “My favorite thing is that you can still have some of the red lights you like but you can also stay on track and achieve your goals. I thought I would only be eating fruits and veggies but I still get to eat foods I like, just not huge portions of them,” she adds.

Making healthy changes for Ella has had a ripple effect on her family’s choices, too. “Kurbo has been great. We needed this structure, Kurbo has transformed our whole family,” Jeanne mentions. She continues, “Our grocery cart has transformed, too! I used to buy a lot of junk food without really knowing the impact it was having. We don’t order pizza like we used to and now we try new recipes, like the Kurbo Mac and Cheese or making our own pita chips. There are so many positives and I feel better as a mom”

Jeanne was able to put uncertainty behind her when it comes to a healthy future for Ella. Jeanne explains, “Before, I would always say to eat more fruits and vegetables and it was a power struggle between Ella and I. Now, she has ownership. She motivates me to eat healthier, even though I ate pretty healthy before. She is working out all the time, has more energy, and is less tired; I see a lot more confidence with skills she will have for the rest of her life. She has even inspired her younger sister to join Kurbo!”

Ella adds, “I feel like my mom has always been encouraging me to eat healthier, and she has really helped me throughout the program.”

Ella’s motivation has not wavered since starting Kurbo. “When I started Kurbo I thought it was going to be a lot harder. For the past year, I’ve wanted to lose weight and it never worked out until I started Kurbo,” starts Ella. She continues, “Now, I have something to look forward to: tracking my food and seeing how I’ve improved. I keep setting higher goals because I know if I continue to eat healthy then I will be making better choices. I feel motivated to keep setting goals for myself because I have succeeded so far and I just want to keep going!”

Everyone at Kurbo is so proud of your dedication and focus on leading a healthier life! Keep up the awesome work, Ella!

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Lauren is a holistic nutritionist and master health coach. She currently lives in Michigan and enjoys trying new healthy recipes, refining her photography skills, and writing for a nutrition blog. Her favorite part of working as a health coach is getting to experience the way making small healthy changes can make a big impact in our lives.

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