Success Story: 11 year old Maya transforms her lifestyle by losing almost 20 pounds with healthy changes **

Success Story: 11 year old Maya transforms her lifestyle by losing almost 20 pounds with healthy changes **

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After seeing her sister have success with Kurbo, Maya wanted to start her healthy journey, too! Maya’s dad, Kurt, says, “Maya first wanted to do Kurbo because her sister was participating and she saw the benefits it was bringing her. Maya wanted to make healthier choices and learn to say, “no” to junk food. We like that this approach is not about “losing weight”, but about making good choices and that is something we see can being applied long term.”

Talking with Coach Ann Marie has been a positive part of the program. “Coach Ann Marie has been very helpful because she tells us recipes, tips, and helps me reach my goals. I didn’t drink that much water or eat breakfast on the weekdays because I was always running late. I learned from Coach Ann Marie to pack fruit and plan ahead,” shares Maya.

“Coach Ann Marie is very supportive,” says Kurt. “As a parent, it’s helpful to have a third party to report to, to have help with answering the nutrition questions, and have a go-to person to help find what works well.”

Not only do the coaching sessions help, but Maya has enjoyed using the Kurbo app. “The app makes it very easy to keep track of exercise and food. I think that Kurbo is an easy way to make healthy choices without even having to think about it much because you have a guide to go by! It is a lot easier to make healthy decisions and choose foods that aren’t red or junk,” says Maya.

In addition to working with Coach Ann Marie, Maya has also been working as a team with her family throughout this journey. Kurt shares, “We have a lot more healthy snacks now, we don’t really have junk around anymore. Our fridge is full of fruits and vegetables and we shop once a week with the kids instead of for the kids. We found more balance”

Maya adds, “We used to buy mostly comfort foods like crackers, chips, ice cream, white bread, and mac and cheese. We switched those out for fruit, homemade whole wheat pita chips, avocado, and light cheese.”

Maya’s dad Kurt noticed changes too. “It’s much easier now for Maya to get up for school. A common conversation Maya brings up is how many red lights she sees her classmates eating at lunch. She is in disbelief that she used to eat that many as well! We discuss what we are going to eat before we go out; It’s super simple when you apply the stoplight color concept to everything.” He continues, “We took a tour of the grocery store to help us all identify foods that are healthy alternatives to our standard choices. We have noticed that making these better choices has rubbed off on all of us in the household. The three biggest things I notice are portion control, healthier meals, and eating regular, full meals throughout the day. As a parent, I don’t have to be the “bad guy” and Maya can make her own choices with guidance using the app.”

Maya reflects back on her Kurbo experience. “Before I started Kurbo, I felt self-conscious. Now, I feel more confident, healthier, and  I am more comfortable in my skin. My family and I are making healthier choices and exercising together regularly.  I feel motivated because I’m glad I chose to do this! I know getting off track can happen but I want to keep it up!”  

Kurbo is so thrilled to hear you and your family have made healthy lifestyle changes through Kurbo. Thank you for sharing your story, Maya!

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Lauren is a holistic nutritionist and master health coach. She currently lives in Michigan and enjoys trying new healthy recipes, refining her photography skills, and writing for a nutrition blog. Her favorite part of working as a health coach is getting to experience the way making small healthy changes can make a big impact in our lives.

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