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“My daughter and I used to have fights over food all the time…Kurbo changed all that! Thanks Kurbo, for making shopping with my daughter fun again!”

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Tyler, 13

“When I started using the Kurbo app I wasn’t used to tracking what I ate, but I learned quickly. Now everything I eat, I track. Kurbo also taught me which foods were good for me and which weren’t and how to figure out portion sizes.”**

Laila, 10

“I was eating a lot of reds before! Now I only have about 3 reds a day! It was hard in the beginning, but knowing how many reds I could have each week and having a goal really helped.”**

Meg and Carol

“Kurbo really does work and it is definitely worth it. If there is any way at all to find a way to afford coaching, even if it is for a short period of time, it makes all the difference in the world. It made it personal and it makes it important. Meg wants to make her coach proud.”**

Rebecca, 9

“I feel SO much better than before! I’m a lot stronger, lighter and more energetic. I can jump higher, run faster, do more tricks at dance and I’ve recently mastered the monkey bars! I could never do that before Kurbo.”**

Emilie, 11

“My Kurbo Coach was great! Dennise motivated me to stay on track by encouraging me to record my weight every week. She encouraged me to eat more fruits and vegetables and less junk food. Dennise also stressed portion control and now I only eat a small amount of red-light foods.”**

Gilbert, 8

“We actively engage in new kinds of sports that Gilbert picks. It is fun for us to support each other. Since starting Kurbo, my relationship with Gilbert has absolutely improved.” – Wiliana, Gilbert’s mom**

Lexi, 8

“I feel like I am getting faster,” Lexi says. “When I play softball, my favorite activity, I can now steal bases and I won’t get out because of my speed. I also feel a lot more confident when I am playing sports and when I am choosing to eat healthy. And for the first time in 2 years, my clothes are fitting better. That’s a great feeling.”**

Lily, 13

“I learned to eat smaller portion sizes and less red lights. When I started Kurbo, my red light goal was in the 30’s. Now, I’m at 20 reds. I also started trying more green light foods. I have always liked fruit (mango is my favorite), but I have much more of an open mind when it comes to vegetables now. I do my best to try new veggies that my coach suggests!”**

Marcelo, 13

“I feel great. I’ve been getting more exercise, I’ve lost more weight, and I eat better. Another thing is that my clothes fit better now. I used to wear husky pants, but now I dont. Every time I get dressed and look in the mirror, I know that I am getting closer and closer to my weight loss goal and that keeps me motivated.”**

Trini, 12

“I feel a lot happier with how I am. Everytime I see the before and after picture I just start smiling. I did not realize that I looked like that before but now that I see myself now, I can’t believe it. I run faster now too!”**

Alannah, 8

“I just feel healthier. I like tracking and games. They are just fun.”**

*These are testimonials from individual Kurbo users. Results will vary for different users.

Why get a Kurbo Coach?

Are weight loss stories common with Kurbo?

Weight loss for kids is very common with Kurbo, but it is not always the main objective. Many kids are just trying to stop weight gain (since they are still growing) and some kids are looking to get more energy and become better athletes by changing their eating habits.


That said, if weight loss is your goal, our Kurbo coaches can tailor their coaching to help you achieve it. Once you sign-up for Kurbo health coaching, you will start building healthy habits into your daily routine. Over time, these small daily habits turn into big resultsv– and many of our clients do live out their own weight loss stories. Over the past year, 85% of participants who completed at least 12 weeks of Kurbo health coaching successfully lost weight and/or reduced their BMI. Additional reported outcomes included increased self-esteem and physical activity, fewer arguments over food and weight concerns, healthier families and significant weight loss for parents.

Is Kurbo a quick weight loss program?

Kurbo is much more than a quick weight loss program. At Kurbo, we focus on building healthy habits that last a lifetime. Weight loss is not always the main objective, particularly because kids are still growing and “quick” is not part of the goal-setting conversation. Our coaches focus on building healthy habits and changing behaviors – 8 out of 10 kids lose weight over a 12-week period of coaching and 90% reported higher levels of happiness, self-esteem and confidence.

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