Singapore Pre-school Success Story: With the help of Mom and a Kurbo coach, Emma, 6, and Noah, 4, set themselves up for a lifetime of healthy habits.**

Singapore Pre-school Success Story: With the help of Mom and a Kurbo coach, Emma, 6, and Noah, 4, set themselves up for a lifetime of healthy habits.**

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Sharon, mother of Emma, was concerned that Emma and her younger brother, Noah, were not learning positive health habits. “I wanted to reinforce the healthy values that I personally hold to my children and help them develop their own healthy habits. I was concerned about them spending too much time indoors watching TV or using their iPads and wanted to make a change. That is when I found Kurbo.”

Kurbo helped Sharon reinforce healthy habits for her children by making better choices about the food in her home. “I have made many changes to our home to make it healthier. Among many changes, I have switched from white to brown rice, I make sure there are vegetables and fruits in all of our meals, and I switched to low fat milk.”

While food adjustments were a large aspect of reinforcing health for her children, Kurbo also helped Sharon incorporate exercise into their family routines. “I have developed a schedule to make sure that everyone in the family is exercising every day. Whether it’s taekwondo, hip hop, walking, hiking, or swimming, the kids have drastically increased their daily exercise.”

At just 6 and 4 years old, respectively, Emma has lost 1 kg and 1 BMI percentile point while Noah has lost 1 kg and lowered 2 BMI percentile points. Most importantly, at such a young age they have truly absorbed the Kurbo lifestyle that Sharon incorporated into their daily life. “Emma takes responsibility of her diet. She knows what foods are red light foods, and so she limits them. She also has learned to further enjoy her time playing outdoors and doing other forms of exercise.”

Sharon credits a lot of her children’s success with Kurbo to the simplicity of the traffic light system. “The kids both really took to the traffic light system. It is easy for them to understand and use. Emma even thinks that the app is fun and loves to watch the Kurbo videos. Now, if presented with many food choices, Emma knows how to make choices that are healthy.”

While the simplicity of Kurbo was really helpful for Emma, she enjoyed working with a Kurbo coach more than anything. “Coach Sheetal is so amazing. I like her hair, her face, and her voice. She is also just really fun to talk to. She helps me understand what foods are red, yellow, and green. Also, she is patient, kind, and gentle.”

Emma says that she feels happier and healthier than ever with Kurbo, and would recommend it to anyone. She also loves that the Kurbo program has made her closer with her parents. “After Kurbo I feel happy and healthy. I can also spend more time exercising with mummy and daddy and that makes me really happy.”

**This is a testimonial from individual Kurbo users. Results will vary for different users.

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