The Side Effects of Kurbo: Kurbo mom, Mickey, starts a health journey to set an example for her son and loses 30 pounds**

The Side Effects of Kurbo: Kurbo mom, Mickey, starts a health journey to set an example for her son and loses 30 pounds**

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After Harrison joined Kurbo, Mickey, mother of Harrison, decided to start her own health journey. “As soon as Harrison started coaching with Kurbo I realized that I needed to set a better example for my son. Additionally, I am an older mother, and I need to be healthy for my son’s sake. It also didn’t hurt that my 40th high school reunion was coming up!”

While Mickey’s health journey was in full swing, Harrison also was enjoying his own Kurbo health journey with Coach Zoe. “Coach Zoe helped him get comfortable with the program, and he loved her. The success for him was that it made him very aware of what foods are healthy. A lot of this information was new and shocking for him.”

The information coming from Kurbo helped Mickey shape her behavior change as well.  “I read all the recipes and tips that Kurbo sent. What I liked about the program was that it was a good balance between exercise and food, and I used that balance to shape my own habits. I also used Zoe’s summary reports to initiate changes in the house for both Harrison and myself.”

The increased confidence that Mickey feels on a daily basis keeps her motivated throughout her health journey. “It is not always easy but as the weight comes off you start getting feedback from people, which is always encouraging. There also is a difference in how I feel in my clothing. For the first time in years, I like wearing clothes, and I actually enjoy shopping, which I have not been able to do in a really long time.”

Mickey’s increased confidence and energy has even led her to consider dating again. “I just feel a little more spunky, which I know is an old fashioned word, but it fits. I am divorced and the weight came during the divorce. After this weight loss, for the first time, I would actually consider going out on a date. I just feel really good.”

Mickey knows that the impact that Kurbo had on her family will be with them for life. “The invaluable health skills that both Harrison and I have learned during this process will be with us for the rest of our lives. This health journey is far from over, but I now feel confident that both Harrison and I are up for it.”

Mickey’s amazing weight loss story is a testament to the impact of having Kurbo in the family. While Mickey herself was not using the Kurbo app, the behavior change that she implemented because of her son and his Kurbo experience caused her to lose 30 pounds and completely change her life for the better.  

**This is a testimonial from an individual Kurbo user. Results will vary for different users.

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