Kurbo Launches New Parent Coaching Service That Helps Parents Talk to Children About Weight and Provides Tools for Creating Healthier Homes

Palo Alto, CA (MAY 01, 2017) – Kurbo, the leading mobile health coaching program for kids, teens and adults, announced today that in response to customer demand it has launched a new offering, Parent Coaching, to help parents talk to their children about the difficult subject of weight and create a healthier home environment.

“Many parents want their children to lose weight, but are uncomfortable having that honest conversation with them,” said Joanna Strober, co-founder and CEO of Kurbo. “They want to help their children adopt healthier habits, but don’t know how. Now, even if a child is too young or not emotionally ready to be coached directly, Kurbo provides the tools they need to create a healthy home environment that will lead to better habits for their entire family.”

As part of the new offering, a personal coach meets each week with the parent – rather than the child – via video chat to help set goals and keep them on track. In addition to the weekly video coaching sessions, parents can receive helpful tips and guidance throughout the week via text or email.

Kurbo’s data shows that in many cases, especially for younger children, the same weight loss goals are achieved by coaching the parents. It is not necessary to have the children receive the coaching themselves. “In our society, weight is a really hard issue and many parents want help learning how to approach and motivate their children. That’s where we can help,” said Strober.

In addition to the mobile app and coaching, Kurbo provides busy parents with a variety of digital resources to aid in creating a healthier home. These include menu planners, simple kid-friendly recipes, tips on how to read food labels and suggestions for encouraging more fruits and vegetables.

Kurbo is available at no cost to employees and their families at many Fortune 100 companies in the U.S. The app is available free for download from the iTunes or Googleplay app stores. Eight out of 10 participants who complete the 12-week program, which is based on 30 years of Stanford Hospital research, successfully lose weight or lower their body mass index (BMI).

About Kurbo

Kurbo is the only company focused on transforming the lives of kids, teens and adults through mobile technology and personal coaching that helps them eat healthier, exercise more and lose weight. Key to success is personal coaching combined with a mobile engagement platform based on 30 years of Stanford Hospital research. The Kurbo program integrates fitness and food tracking with fun games and tips to generate lasting changes in nutrition and exercise habits. Eight of 10 who complete the Kurbo program have lost weight. Kurbo is passionate about partnering with Fortune 500 employers, Medicaid providers and other institutions around the world to radically improve health outcomes by permanently altering family eating and exercise habits.

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