Parent Success Story: Carol loses 25 lbs by doing Kurbo with her daughter!**

Parent Success Story: Carol loses 25 lbs by doing Kurbo with her daughter!**

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Remember Kurbo superstar and vlogger, Meg? Well, one very important part of her Kurbo journey was the support she received from her mom, Carol. In fact, Carol has seen her own amazing success since she signed her daughter up for coaching a year and a half ago.

At first, Carol said her role was to help Meg open up to her coach. Meg is somewhat shy. So, I would sit in on her calls to help her develop a relationship with Coach Thea. That way, she could eventually do it on her own.”

But, very quickly, Carol became Meg’s Kurbo buddy. “I wanted to do Kurbo along with Meg. I was about 25 lbs overweight and feeling very similarly to Meg in terms of my body image. Just like Meg, all my friends were thin. But I was worried about expressing this to Meg. Kurbo gave me a way to talk about weight, food and fitness, without putting stress on Meg. It let me approach my own weight loss in a positive way in front of my daughter.”

Just as Carol was Meg’s support system, Meg motivated Carol to develop healthier habits. “I let Meg be the leader of healthy change in our house. It empowered her and I didn’t want to disappoint her, so I was happy to get on board.”

While Meg developed a healthier eating and exercise routine, Carol was motivated to do the same. I used to drink a Coke a day. Meg prompted me to drink water more often and now I’ve permanently replaced coke with water. I started exercising with Meg everyday as well – we’d either go on an exercise bike or do a couple rounds of the 7 minute workout. At that point, it had been years since I last exercised, so it was pretty scary for me. I found myself out of breath within minutes. But, as time went on I gained endurance and started doing short bursts of exercise multiple times a day.”

Kurbo has also helped Carol find healthy alternatives to dealing with stress. “I used to turn to food when I was having anxiety about the kids and their school work. I no longer depend on food to get me through stressful times. Now, I turn to exercise. I go for a walk or do a workout to clear my head.”

By creating and practicing these long-term habits, Carol has lost a total of 25 lbs. “Kurbo is a healthy lifestyle program and not a weight loss program and that has made all the difference. I now have a much healthier attitude towards food. If I really want a red light, it’s going to be the best of whatever red light that is. I also feel so much better when I eat healthy. Kurbo helped me finally make that mental connection and now it is much easier to live a healthy life.”

Carol never dreamed this would be possible. “To be honest, I never thought that positive encouragement would help me lose weight. But every week Meg’s coach would tell us we could do it and over time our taste buds and cravings changed. I went from eating huge bowls of sugary cereal every day for breakfast, to craving spinach with an egg on top. I never thought I would like that.”

Carol also is grateful for the impact Kurbo has had on Meg’s life. “I used to be so stressed about what Meg was eating. Now, I trust her completely. She makes wise choices, but also treats herself every so often. I am not stressed when she has red lights because she knows how to eat red lights healthfully. She can be a normal kid and enjoy her life. It makes me so happy.”

Carol now works with other Kurbo parents – helping to address their questions and concerns. She shared 3 bits of wisdom for other parents,

  1. “It is helpful for parents to realize they are not the only family going through this. When you join Kurbo, you enter a community of people who are getting healthy together. You are surrounded by support.”
  2. “It’s so important for parents to participate in coaching calls at the beginning. That way the parent and the coach are speaking the same language. It makes it so much easier on the child.”
  3. “Kurbo taught me lessons that I am going to use for the rest of my life. Kurbo works for adults. Because, no matter your age, you can always learn new things.”

Congratulations on your success Carol! And thank you for all that you and Meg do for the Kurbo community!

**This is a testimonial from an individual Kurbo user. Results will vary for different users.

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