Parent Coaching: Expert Help to Create a Healthy Home

While our coaches go through extensive training to work with your kids, and we believe we can match a coach to everyone’s individual needs, in some cases your child may not agree to be coached or you may just be interested in taking advantage of an opportunity to create a healthier home environment for your family.

In these cases, Kurbo offers parents the chance to sign up for coaching themselves.

Each week your coach will meet with you via video chat to provide tips and support. They will also be available via text and email at other times during the week.

Here are some examples of what you will receive:

  • Easy to follow menu planners for busy families
  • Simple recipe ideas that kids love
  • Quick tips on how to read a food label
  • Realistic ideas for encouraging more fruit and vegetables
  • Fun physical activity ideas designed to get everyone moving
  • Motivation and support to create a healthy home

Parent Resources

Our parent training curriculum will give you the resources and expert support you need to help your family achieve their health goals.

Personal Coach

Your coach will meet with you each week to provide tips and help you deal with any issues that arise. Email or text them throughout the week for additional support.