Kurbo began with one mom, Joanna Strober, and her son, Jared. They had an experience thousands of families share: At Jared’s regular check-up, they heard that his BMI was too high–and he might not outgrow it. Joanna immediately began researching weight loss for kids and discovered that there were no safe, simple and effective tools to help. She saw a problem, and an opportunity. A year later Joanna and co-founder Thea Runyan, Lead Behavior Coach at Stanford’s Pediatric Weight Control Program, launched Kurbo. Based on Stanford’s proven research and excellent results, Kurbo brings together three decades of science and cutting edge technology to help kids build healthy habits, for life. The program’s unique combination of personal coaching and an engaging app makes it simpler and more fun to get active, eat well and reach a healthier weight. Jared was one of Kurbo’s first users, and lost 18 pounds on the program. His BMI has been healthy ever since.

Last year, Joanna and Thea welcomed a new partner: WW (formerly Weight Watchers). After more than fifty years as the world’s trusted leader in weight loss and wellness, WW wanted to help entire families, not just adults. Kurbo by WW made perfect sense. Both programs are app-based and firmly rooted in the science of nutrition and behavior change. More important, Kurbo and WW share a common purpose: To inspire healthy habits for real life–for people, families, communities, the world–for everyone.