Kurbo helped Sonali create a positive self-image. Nimisha knew that she needed to make adjustments for Sonali’s health. She reached out to a personal trainer who gave her a diet, but she found the system frustrating and it wasn’t working for them. After finding Kurbo by searching for “kid-friendly programs” they decided to try it. 

Coach Ann Marie has been a great support for the whole family. Nimisha says, “Coach Anne Marie handled it amazingly, said ‘we will get through this!’ Anyone else would have given up, but she is a good mentor and coach. She helped us eat better and do more exercise, and we got over the humps. We have moved milestones from where we started. We have absolutely been blessed with Coach Anne Marie and she has made an amazing difference in our lives.” Sonali says, “She helped me drink water instead of juices.” 

Coach Ann Marie also encouraged Sonali to become more active. “I didn’t exercise as much as I do now. I used to think that 2 – 5 minutes on the treadmill was enough. That doesn’t do that much for you. I definitely didn’t like going outside, or doing volleyball. Coach Ann Marie recommended sports for me. It helped a lot.” Now volleyball is her favorite sport and she has found that she really enjoys dancing too!

“Kurbo has changed our whole family.” As a family, everyone learned more about watching their sugar intake. This was especially important because diabetes runs on both sides of family. Nimisha learned how to keep healthy options available even when the family is on the go. “When we are going out somewhere, I have a ready snack bag that has good choices in it.” Some of their favorites are flavored sparkling water, grapes and strawberries.

Sonali learned to use mindful eating techniques. “One thing I used to do was eat when I was bored. Coach Anne Marie taught me to do other things like Lego sets or art when I was bored. Now I feel better when I eat better options. I would totally recommend Kurbo to others so that they can exercise more, make good choices, and feel better.”

**This is a testimonial from an individual Kurbo family. Results will vary for different users.