Jennifer is delighted with her son’s journey with Kurbo.

“We wanted to try Kurbo because it seemed kid friendly. My son has made so many changes. He is more mindful in what he eats, is willing to try new things, cooks breakfasts and has such a better outlook on things.”


Coach Sabahat and Joseph have a great relationship.

“My son gets along well with his coach. She cheers him on weekly and helps him achieve his goals. She also encourages him to try new foods.” Joseph describes his Coach as fabulous, encouraging & smart! “She said to try things more than once so that my taste buds would get used to them. She cheers me on and tells me to keep up the good work.”


Joseph’s mom supported Joseph on his Kurbo journey by buying different foods. 

I don’t let anything come into the house that’s not healthy anymore. We are trying to make sure we have stuff that is healthy for everyone and to limit his temptation. There are so many more fruits and veggies in our house, but no chips or cookies.”


Coach Sabahat taught the family how to read labels, check for calorie density, and look for added sugars.

“We were reading labels on ice cream in the market and found healthier option ice creams that were not full of sugar. Snacks are totally different now because they are not prepackaged. I used to buy 70 calorie snacks, but now realize they are full of sugar. Now we snack on apples, carrots, celery, low-fat cheese sticks, unsweetened applesauce and popcorn.”


Another change Joseph made was to his breakfast choices.

He used to eat sugary cereal every morning. However, he discovered that he likes to cook breakfast! A typical breakfast now is scrambled eggs with wheat toast, turkey bacon, and fruit, which starts his day out with a balanced combination of green and yellow light foods. Now he chooses to have cereal on weekends. He also likes to join his mom at the grocery store to explore new foods. “I even found a cereal that even my brother likes!”


Kurbo changes helped Joseph feel better when playing sports.

“I play basketball, baseball, and football. I couldn’t breathe good and when I was running around I got tired easy. Now I don’t. Losing weight helped, plus eating healthier things, and eating more fruits & veggies.” The family also takes walks together and Joseph goes biking with his older brother. 


He tracked his activity in the Kurbo app, along with tracking his meals and playing the learning games.

“When I first started, I saw the Red Raisin game and I enjoyed it. I reached the max level! I learned that a lot of foods are red lights. Tracking also helped me learn to control my portions.”


Joseph has changed his mindset and gained confidence, too! 

“He has gained so much more confidence and wants to help others as well. Kurbo is teaching kids about healthiness. It is teaching him about healthy foods and how to incorporate more of them. It’s a great program. It has totally changed his mindset about food and he’s learning a healthier way to eat.”

**This is a testimonial from an individual Kurbo user. Results will vary for different users.