Favorite green light:

Salad & brussel sprouts

Favorite yellow light:


Favorite red light:

Buffalo chicken wings

Favorite exercise:

Indoor cycling & yoga

Coach Carmen has several health-related certifications. 

“I am a certified Health and Wellness Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, a certified Digestive Intensive graduate from Functional Nutrition Lab, and a certified Food Literacy Educator through the Cookbook Project.”

Motherhood ignited her passion for health and wellness.

“Before becoming a health coach, I was always interested in health and wellness and natural ways of healing. When I became pregnant, nutrition became my focus. As a mother, feeding my children nutritious foods and teaching them how to make healthy choices became my passion. I would share this information with friends and family and soon after turned that passion into what I currently do as a health coach. As any mother knows, feeding your kids healthy foods, watching them eat and thrive on those foods brings you joy. Now, as a Kurbo coach, I can help children and their families learn how to eat better and make healthy food and lifestyle choices.”

Coach Carmen loves fitness and movies. 

“I am always on the lookout for new ways to exercise; pilates, TRX, Barre…currently, indoor cycling, yoga, and strength training are my go-to’s.  My new favorite hobby though has to be watching movies, and binge-watching cable series with my family.”

Coach Carmen is the occasional seamstress. 

“I love getting creative and from time to time I will pick up sewing, knitting, or crochet project. I am currently working on crocheting my first sweater. I’ve had my share of mishaps while learning how to crochet though. Let’s just say that the hat I was making for my son, ended up fitting his stuffed Elmo instead.” 

Coach Carmen understands that healthy living takes daily effort. 

I face the same daily struggles that our members do and like many of our members, knowing what to do doesn’t always give me willpower. So, I work daily at making the best choices for a healthy lifestyle. I enjoy eating out and ordering in, so looking for healthy options filled with green and yellow light foods is a priority whether I’m cooking or not. I don’t always feel like being active, so I schedule my workouts and break out the mat and weights or lace up my sneakers and keep that appointment. Using the metrics from my fitness trackers to beat my own personal best goals also works as a great motivator for me.”

Coach Carmen’s advice for Kurbo members: 

I ask the members I am working with to measure out a portion (ie. half a cup rice or pasta) of a yellow light food they eat often and put it on a plate or bowl they usually eat from so that they can get a visual of what a portion looks like for better tracking. I also ask them to measure out a green light food so that they can see how easy it is to get a portion in at every meal.”

Coach Carmen’s advice for people considering signing up for Kurbo: 

Kurbo is about long-term, sustainable changes. It’s not about a short-term fix. The Kurbo tracking tool helps create awareness. It gives you a visual of where you are making your current choices and where you can make changes. Coaches offer support and accountability, we help members define and set goals, help you through challenges, and celebrate successes. Behavior change is difficult but it is the best way to sustain a healthy lifestyle.”

Being a Kurbo Coach has been a wonderful experience for Coach Carmen.

Seeing the lifestyle changes that kids and families make and knowing I have helped with those changes is what I like best about being a Kurbo Coach. It’s rewarding to see the impact of my coaching using the Kurbo approach.”