Favorite Green Light:

Cherries & blueberries

Favorite Yellow Light:

Almonds & avocados

Favorite Red Light:

Home-baked cookies & ice cream

Favorite Exercise:

Dancing & yoga


Kurbo Coach Bita has a background in teaching.

She has experience teaching elementary and middle school-aged children in the Bay Area including art education where she was known as Ms. B.

She loves getting creative in the kitchen.

One of my favorite hobbies is creating content through developing healthy recipes. Finding a yummy, favorite red light food like french fries and discovering methods to prepare them in a healthier way. For example, I love making crispy sweet potato fries in the air fryer with avocado aioli for a healthy yellow light side dish or snack!”

Coach Bita also enjoys training her dogs.

“In my free time, I have a lot of fun training my two small dogs to do everything from basic training to circus tricks!”

Coach Bita exercises in ways that are fun for her.

“I find joy and balance through keeping a daily activity journal and finding joy in movement. I love to dance and stretch for exercise… I also completed the San Francisco Marathon once upon a time (almost 30 years ago!). It was a big training commitment in terms of eating, building endurance, and learning to rest and recover for the long haul. Completing the marathon is one of my life’s biggest achievements second to choosing natural childbirth!” 

Coach Bita’s focus on family piqued her interest in healthy living.

When my daughters were young, I understood healthy eating from growing up in a family with a doctor as a parent; however, when it came to parenting picky eaters myself, I struggled to know how to prepare healthy meals for my family. I often resorted to peanut butter and jelly lunches, mac ‘n cheese dinners, and ice cream for dessert. I wanted our girls to grow up loving food and understanding how to make healthy choices for themselves as they developed and grew into young adults.” 

Coach Bita also struggles with maintaining healthy habits.

Currently, we are challenged by being new empty-nesters. It’s more of a challenge to eat fresh in terms of fruit and veggies when there are only two of us. I am learning to make smaller salads and to cook veggies (cooked veggies have a longer shelf life) to keep up with my green light goals. It’s easier to resort to more processed frozen foods when there are fewer people to cook for. Meal planning and cooking things to have multiple days like soups and stews helps.”

Coach Bita’s advice for Kurbo members:

“Get kids and teens involved in making grocery lists, shopping, and meal prepping and planning. Grow herbs and veggies in a garden — learn by doing. Try one new thing a week (recipe or activity).”

Coach Bita’s advice for people considering signing up for Kurbo:

Kurbo is easy to follow – the simplicity of it is one of the things I love the most. There is no weighing or measuring foods, it’s all visual. It works in any environment… at school, at work, on a trip, in a restaurant. It’s about learning to make the best choice given the choices available. The Kurbo coaches are stellar. If you are considering signing up for your child or teen, think about what the attributes of some of their favorite teachers, relatives, or sports coaches have been. Request a coach with those similar attributes and strengths.  We have a huge spectrum of skilled coaches from teacher types like myself, to international level athletes!”

Being a Kurbo Coach has been a rewarding experience for Coach Bita.

“I love watching teens gain confidence in every area of their lives when they feel more in control of their choices around food and activity. When I hear that a student has tried a new activity or a new food that has brought them satisfaction, boosted confidence, and joy, it fills my heart and is very rewarding.”