Favorite green light foods:

Blueberries and mangoes

Favorite yellow light foods:

Avocados and eggs

Favorite red light food:

Dark chocolate

Favorite exercise:

Triathlons & hiking

Coach Torrey works as a teacher when she isn’t health coaching.

I have my degree in Middle Grades Education from Appalachian State University and a Masters in Multidisciplinary Studies from Buffalo State University. I teach Middle School English as a Second Language. I am in my 13th year as a teacher. I have my Health Coaching Certification from the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute and have been health coaching for 2.5 years.” 

Coach Torrey’s experience as a school teacher highlighted the need for a program like Kurbo.

“I noticed that I had students who were struggling with school, but it had so much more to do with their nutrition, activity, and all around lifestyle choices. This connection between all of our choices and how it affects our day to day outlook led me to really want to work with people of all ages towards meeting their wellness goals in a sustainable and holistic way.”

Coach Torrey loves traveling.

I love to travel. I lived and taught in Mexico City for 6 years… I want to travel to New Zealand. I have never been to that part of the world and hopefully one day, I will make it!”

Coach Torrey is an active mom and triathlete.

“I can always be found pushing my double jogging stroller all around town with the dog in tow! At this phase of life, my hobbies include a lot of walking/jogging and escaping to the woods for a hike as often as possible. I am also a triathlete and have raced in two half Ironmans and multiple triathlons, and look forward to getting back into training when the time is right.”

Coach Torrey understands the struggle with juggling personal health, work, and motherhood.

“I have two young children and work full time, so it can be challenging to get the exercise and nutrition that I have in the past. I navigate this challenge by just doing the best I can and planning ahead. Some days that means I can only get in a 10 minute walk, so I plan to get a longer one in over the weekend. Meal planning on the weekends really helps me navigate the time challenge during the week to ensure our family still has well balanced nutritional meals. Especially with this past year, I have really tried to focus on what is in my control and just doing the best I can one day at a time!” 

Coach Torrey’s advice for Kurbo members:

Really focus on increasing green lights and when you do that, you often end up decreasing red lights automatically. So many people think that getting healthier just means you have to give things up, so I love the approach of what do you get to include instead! I also always encourage everyone to start with drinking more water, getting more sleep, and trying to move some every day.” 

Coach Torrey’s advice for people considering signing up for Kurbo:

Do it! It is never too early to start making mindful choices about your all around wellness. Kurbo is not a restrictive diet. Kurbo teaches everyone to pay attention to and prioritize eating nutritional foods and increasing activity.  It is all about making small sustainable changes that lead to better wellness!” 

Working as a Kurbo Coach has been a rewarding experience for Coach Torrey.

I love getting to work with people from all different walks of life and experiences and to be a part of their wellness journey.  I love seeing the successes both large and small, everything from a 10 minute walk to eating a new green light. I am constantly inspired, encouraged , and humbled by the amazing people I have gotten to meet and work with through Kurbo.”