Je’von’s background helps him be a fantastic Kurbo coach.

“I have a Bachelor’s and Master’s of Business Administration degree from Hampton University. I also have a Level 1 USA Track & Field Coaching Certificate.”

Coach Je’von loves to travel and explore new foods.

I really enjoy traveling and finding new food places. When I travel, my favorite companion is Yelp. It helps me find local favorites, reviews, and pictures of the different options… Thanks to my track career along with other business and investment ventures I’ve been fortunate to travel all over the world. Two places I haven’t checked off of my list yet are New Zealand and Rome.” 

We asked Coach Je’von to share some healthy habits from his routine with us.

“I am a track athlete so I run and workout 6-7 days a week. I also drink a lot of water and love to eat a variety of fruits and veggies. My favorites are broccoli, bananas, mango, peppers, spinach, and strawberries.”

Coach Je’von has four healthy tips to share:

“(1) Give it time. Practice patience and kindness with yourself. (2)  If you can track it you can change it. That goes for just about any habit. (3)  If you are willing to change and follow simple goals each week, you’ll develop confidence and consistency which equals the success you want. (4) You’re the head coach. You decide what advice you’ll listen to, when you’ll start, and the effort you’ll give. Be honest with yourself and [your coach].” 

Coach Je’von isn’t immune to barriers to his health goals.

A challenge I face when it comes to food is that I really love bread and I don’t always want to workout. I learned a long time ago from Coach Drummond, one of my track coaches while in college, that I had to learn to be “Uncomfortable to be successful.” This stuck with me. I think about my goals, the life I want to live, and the alternative effects of not doing what I know I should and that helps me make the best decisions most of the time.”

His favorite coaching moment was helping a kid find his passion.

My most memorable moment so far was the moment a student went from doing almost no activity on a weekly basis for months to finally finding his thing. Once he found he had a passion for biking it went from being a struggle to move to looking forward to his daily ride.” 

Coach Je’von loves working with kids and teens.

I wanted to become a Kurbo Coach because I really loved the idea of being able to help kids, teens and families. I’ve worked with youth in many different ways over the years from being a summer youth college counselor, volunteering as a collegiate athlete at local elementary and middle schools and just always finding a way to give back. Kurbo was the vehicle that allowed me to have that impact on a much larger scale.”