Coach Brandon has a background in both coaching and business management. “I went to Norfolk State University and got a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management Information Systems. Then I attended the University of Phoenix for my graduate studies and got a Masters of Business Administration (MBA).  I also attended the College of Executive Coaching where I obtained my certification in coaching.”

He loves spending time with his family and playing with his kids. “I really enjoy working out and spending time with my wife and our two kids (they are 1 and 3).  Being a human jungle gym is a tough job but somebody’s gotta do it.” 

Coach Brandon would love to travel to Europe one day. “I would like to do a European tour beginning in Greece. I have seen the beauty that the country has to offer via pictures from friends, but I would like to witness it first hand. I also love Mediterranean food!” 

He loves working as a Kurbo Coach! “I have a huge passion for the coaching discipline and it’s such a rewarding experience to support someone to achieve goals that they have, especially when it comes to health and wellness. The thing I like most about being a Kurbo coach is having the opportunity to engage with diverse families from across the United States and being able to truly make an impact on their lives.” 

Coach Brandon works for NASA in addition to working for Kurbo! “I also work for NASA. Having the opportunity to witness highly skilled individuals from various disciplines collectively working towards one goal to achieve mission success is truly inspiring. I also enjoy the family-oriented supportive work environment at NASA which stimulates growth.” 

Here is Coach Brandon’s advice to current and potential Kurbo members: “Don’t rush the process; trust the process. Creating new healthy habits can be challenging at first, but over time with your commitment and the commitment of the Kurbo family,  you can achieve success in the areas of health and wellness that we all desire.”

Coach Brandon struggles himself with eating healthy and being active but he has developed tactics to overcome those challenges. “Challenges with exercise for me usually comes from being mentally and physically exhausted as a result of my day to day roles and responsibilities. To navigate around this challenge I use music as my motivation to get up, move around, and get refocused to go get the exercise that my body needs. Challenges when it comes to food are those moments when I decide to indulge in a red light meal, and then have the desire to overindulge. How I navigate through this challenge is drinking a glass of water after I have eaten my first portions of the red lights to suppress the urge to go back for more.”