Making Simple Changes Using Kurbo Had a Huge Impact on my Daughter's Life – Guest Post by Lindsey Esperance**

Making Simple Changes Using Kurbo Had a Huge Impact on my Daughter's Life – Guest Post by Lindsey Esperance**

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Making Simple Changes Using Kurbo Had a Huge Impact on my Daughter’s Life – Guest Post by Lindsey Esperance

I was really worried about my daughter’s health. My mom has diabetes and my father, who passed away, was also diabetic. With this condition present in our family history, I was concerned that Laila was on track to develop childhood diabetes as well, especially given her above-average weight. My mom is a nurse and she and I both wanted Laila to alter her eating habits in order to ensure that her health was not in jeopardy.

We tried everything, from cutting carbs to offering Laila tons of greens, yet nothing we did on our own was working. Laila just wasn’t seeing results. We wanted a solution that was simple, yet effective in producing healthy eating habits. When my mom heard about Kurbo, a kid-appropriate weight management program, at work, she proposed that Laila try it! It seemed fun and simple. But most importantly, it really targeted the behavior change and healthy habit formation that I wanted for my daughter. So, we tried it!

Once we got the hang of using the app and Laila started working with her wonderful and motivating Kurbo coach, I realized that I needed to make some changes in the house as well. I wanted to help and encourage Laila to eat healthier and maintain her healthy eating habits. Thus, I started buying 1% milk, using wraps instead of white bread for sandwiches, and kept all the sweets out of the house so Laila wasn’t tempted to eat them. My mom and I started cooking meals with less red lights as well. For example, we started making turkey burgers and veggie burgers instead of hamburgers. Laila loves to have a veggie burger with fat-free cheese, light mayo and a whole-wheat bun. These changes have helped Laila to realize that red-free meals are just as delicious and enjoyable as the unhealthy foods she was eating before.

But it wasn’t just my mom and I who were making changes–Laila started making healthy, simple changes on her own as well! She created her own tracking schedule: tracking right after breakfast, in the car on the way home from school, and right before she eats dinner. She also started eating smaller portions and  increased the amount of exercise she did each week!

The most rewarding aspect of this journey has been seeing Laila get so excited about her progress. When she gets on the scale and sees the number drop, her face lights up. She knows that her own healthy choices and healthy eating habits are directly resulting in her progress. This success is a such motivating force for Laila.

I would absolutely recommend Kurbo to a friend who has a child that is struggling with his or her weight. Kurbo is really fun for kids. The app is kid-friendly and allows kids to see how they are doing. Trying to help your child lose weight can be really discouraging sometimes, but it is important to keep at it and stay positive. Kurbo can help you do just that. Be a source of support for your child and use Kurbo as a family, so your child doesn’t feel singled out. Making simple changes through Kurbo’s program has had a huge impact on my daughter’s life. I am so incredibly proud of her and grateful that we found Kurbo!


Thank you so much to Lindsey Esperance for writing this post. We really appreciate your contribution and we’re so proud of the progress and healthy changes you and Laila have made. You are an inspiration to us all! Keep up the great work!

**This is a testimonial from an individual Kurbo user. Results will vary for different users. 

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