Maisarah, age 14, signed up for Kurbo because it was a great opportunity to learn from experts. “I was quite worried about my weight and size in general and not confident when I went out in public because of my appearance,” Maisarah says. “I thought that Kurbo would be a good and positive way for me to try to lose weight, especially because my teacher recommended it.”

The Kurbo app helped Maisarah to gain awareness of her eating habits and to stay accountable. “I really liked the Kurbo app, particularly the tracking. I felt that tracking was very helpful for me to review my food choices and see where I could cut down and improve. It also served as a constant reminder for me to keep eating healthy food,” Maisarah shares.

Coach Guan kept her motivated and positive throughout her journey with Kurbo. “I really enjoyed talking to Coach Guan because she was always cheerful, understanding, and positive when giving me advice. She would even send me motivational quotes and healthy recipes. Her words of encouragement played a big part in helping me sustain a healthy lifestyle even after I completed Kurbo,” Maisarah says.

Maisarah’s family even began to make healthy changes to their home and lifestyle. “We’ve cut down on unhealthy snacks and keep fruit in our fridge,” her mom, Juliyana says. “We’re more conscious about ingredients, for example, I’ve started to cook with brown rice instead of white. I’ll also make sure everyone has breakfast or snacks to bring along in the morning.”

By making these small healthy changes, her family gained a more positive attitude towards food. “I’ve come to realize that healthy food tastes great!” Juliyana, says. “Our whole family now feels comfortable discussing food, especially planning our lunch and dinner meals for the week.”

After just a few months, Juliyana noticed her daughter taking control of her food choices. “She’s selective with her food choices in order to meet her red light goal and even started preparing her own lunch. She has begun exercising more and volunteers to pick her brother from school – which is about a 10 minute walk. She’s even more alert and self-motivated,”Juliyana says.

Maisarah’s perseverance with Kurbo paid off, reducing her BMI by 10%. “I began eating cautiously and I started to become more active. This healthy lifestyle also helped build up my concentration and mindset towards getting things done and not to give up,” Maisarah says.

Maisarah would recommend Kurbo to other kids and families hoping to gain healthier habits. “In fact, I already recommended Kurbo to my close friend. I told her that this app was a great way to help maintain a healthy lifestyle,” Maisarah shares.

**This is a testimonial from an individual Kurbo user. Results will vary for different users.