Macy’s easy 10 pound weight loss takes an army of support.**

Macy’s easy 10 pound weight loss takes an army of support.**

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Macy was looking for a program that would give her that extra push to stay motivated. “Before Kurbo, I was always frustrated with my weight and appearance and felt stuck because nothing ever really worked. I never felt motivated,” Macy says. “She tried to get healthier on her own, but never kept at it for a good amount of time, so I researched and I thought Kurbo might be a good fit,” her mom shares.

Macy and her coach started working on gaining an understanding of nutrition and forming healthy habits. “I loved coach Lauren! She was always so nice and encouraging. Lauren gave me tips that spoke to me and helped me with my personal struggles. It was nice having someone to keep me motivated throughout the journey,” Macy says.

Tracking her food and exercise on the Kurbo app kept Macy focused on her goals. “The app always helps me stay motivated, as well as helps me to meet my goals each week.  I like how it gives me reminders to track because then I stay accountable. My coach and parents continually support me as well, which encourages me to stay focused on completing my goals,” Macy says.

Macy and her mom inspire each other to make healthy changes to their everyday lives. “We try to motivate each other to exercise each day. I buy a variety of fruits and vegetables and incorporate them into every meal. Macy and my other kids are making their own lunches now so that they can pack healthy food. When we eat out, we pick restaurants with healthy options and when we eat in we have found healthier alternatives for our favorite junk foods, like baked sweet potato fries,” Macy’s mom says.  

Macy has been able to make a positive impact on her entire family’s health. “I was surprised at how much my daughter taught me and my family from this program! It has benefitted us all not only physically, but mentally too,” her mom says. “Though we are not tracking with her, she has taught us a lot about green, yellow, and red light foods during her process.”

Macy’s mom has adopted a healthier attitude towards food, one that focuses less on calorie counting. “Since Kurbo I’ve realized the first priority should be just making healthy choices, and weight loss will follow,” she says. “Now, I stay motivated because I want to set a good example for the rest of my family and work together to keep each other accountable and motivated for our goals.”

She has seen significant changes in Macy over the past few months as her hard work paid off. “I’ve noticed Macy being a lot more conscious about her eating habits. She is more motivated to workout or get out of the house, and I can tell she’s lost some weight, too!” she says. In fact, Macy has lost 10 lbs and dropped 2 BMI points. “We communicate a lot better since starting this app and we bond over working out, grocery shopping, or cooking.”

Macy feels more confident and happy about her health. “I exercise everyday now, not just every now and then like I used to. I also eat more balanced with lots of fruits and veggies, and less fatty and processed red light foods,” Macy says. “I still have more goals I want to eventually meet, but Kurbo has given me a good mindset about my health, how to approach my nutrition and physical activity.”

Macy would definitely recommend Kurbo to anyone who needs some extra help in getting healthier. “It’s so nice to have a coach that works with your personal struggles and also praises you and encourages you to keep meeting your goals. Plus, it worked! I’m happy with my results and I feel like I’m able now to keep working to be as healthy as I can be,” Macy shares.

**This is a testimonial from an individual Kurbo user. Results will vary for different users.

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