Liz and Justin, 34 and 33, lose over 80 pounds together and reignite their relationship with the help of one wonderful Kurbo coach**

Liz and Justin, 34 and 33, lose over 80 pounds together and reignite their relationship with the help of one wonderful Kurbo coach**

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Liz and Justin decided to commit to the Kurbo program when they realized that they needed to not only lose weight, but also make long term lifestyle changes. “We wanted to make this change long term, which is why we turned to Kurbo. We really liked the coaching aspect of Kurbo. Coach Amy always made sure that we were making positive and sustainable lifestyle changes.”

Justin was skeptical about the simplicity of Kurbo when he first joined the program. “The program is just so simple and easy that I actually did not believe it was going to work. Now, after losing 47 pounds, I see that the simplicity is actually what makes Kurbo so great.”

Liz and Justin both appreciate how Kurbo takes into consideration not only how much you eat but what you eat. Justin believes that this is one of many strategies that sets Kurbo apart from other programs. “I had lost weight in the past through cutting the amount of food I was eating but the Kurbo app forced me to actually look at the nutritional value of what I was eating and not just the amount. Through this program, you learn better eating habits and can make sustainable change.”

While both Liz and Justin believe in the food tracking in the Kurbo app, they both think that the coaching is what makes Kurbo truly work. “If you are willing to be honest, the coach really, really makes this program work for everyone. You can easily bargain with yourself to avoid healthy eating but you cannot bargain with a coach. Also, Coach Amy takes into account not just what you are eating but also the specifics like ‘what do you do when you have a craving for X’ or ‘what do you eat when you’re at a social gathering that doesn’t have healthy options.’”

Coach Amy has been critical in helping Justin and Liz stick to the program and has become their friend in the process. Liz reflected on looking forward to her chats with Amy. “I love Amy. She is not only punctual and informative but is also just a pleasure to work with. We always find something to talk about like Game of Thrones or the Penguins winning the playoffs. More than a coach, she has been a confidante.”

Along with their new relationship with Amy, Liz and Justin found that the Kurbo program also strengthened their relationship. “Knowing that both of us were working toward a common goal only strengthened our relationship. We have both tried to get healthier before but we were never synchronized in our health efforts. Now that we are doing it together and are on the same page, we can fully support each other. That was really what strengthened our relationship.”

Together, Liz and Justin have lost over 80 pounds and feel better than ever.  “We both have a renewed sense of self-confidence and have a lot more energy because of the quality of the food that we put in our bodies. This has been an invaluable experience and we are lucky that we were able to do it together.”

**This is a testimonial from individual Kurbo users. Results will vary for different users.

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