Kurbo Success Story: Lily Reduced her BMI Percentile by 10% After 4 Months of Kurbo's Weight Loss Program For Kids**

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Lily was searching for weight loss programs for kids to help her create a healthier lifestyle when she found Kurbo. She wanted to reach a healthier BMI and feel more confident and energized throughout the day. However, until they found Kurbo, Lily and her parents were having little luck in this search for the appropriate weight loss programs for kids.**

“Lily had said she wanted to have her own nutritionist,” Lily’s mom, Debbie shared, “but when I looked for a nutritionist, I couldn’t find one that specialized in working with children. Then we tried a hospital based pediatric program, but found it to be mostly educational. Lily got limited help and there was no frequent contact, so it wasn’t motivating. However, what this program did give us was an understanding of what type of weight loss programs for kids would be appropriate for her. So, when my husband found Kurbo on the Internet, we had confidence and trust in Kurbo’s traffic light system, and its behavioral tools designed specifically for kids.”

Lily’s parents loved the idea of working with a Kurbo coach, and Lily was quick to hop on board. Once Lily was signed up for coaching and started the Kurbo program, she quickly realized that she loved it. Why? It’s easy and it’s fun.

Because Lily can access Kurbo app right on her smartphone, she can track her food, watch Kurbo videos, challenge herself to new Krunches and check her progress no matter where she is!

Lily has also enjoyed working with her coach, who she can contact whenever she needs her questions answered. Her coach is very accessible and always responds to her texts within about a day, answering her questions and giving her new tips and advice.

Tracking consistently is not easy, but Lily is one of Kurbo’s superstar trackers. What’s her secret?

Before Lily eats any meal or snack, she tracks it. This is hard to do on school days, but Lily has found a solution: the bus. She tracks her breakfast on the bus ride to school in the morning, and her school lunch and snacks in the afternoon on the bus ride home! Finding a specific time to track each day that works best with your schedule is a smart way to ensure that you don’t forget to track. You can even set a daily alarm for an additional reminder! This will help you become a fabulous tracker, just like Lily!

Kurbo has helped Lily make a great deal of healthy behavior change.

“I learned to eat smaller portion sizes and less red lights. When I started Kurbo, my red light goal was in the 30’s. Now, I’m at 20 reds. I also started trying more green light foods. I have always likedLily Skiing Kurbo Weight Loss Programs for Kids fruit (mango is my favorite), but I have much more of an open mind when it comes to vegetables now. I do my best to try new veggies that my coach suggests!”

Tracking in the Kurbo app has also kept Lily honest, “ I used to sneak food” she says, “now, I am a lot more truthful about what I eat.”

Lily has learned, from Kurbo, that she doesn’t have to completely deny herself the red lights that she enjoys. On the weekends. for example, she will sometimes treat herself to her favorite candy or ice cream. However, Kurbo has helped Lily to very consciously make healthy food-related decisions and find yellow or green light substitutes for her favorite meals and snacks. This way, Lily can track these occasional sweets without feeling guilty or frustrated, knowing that overall she has established a much healthier diet and a more active lifestyle for herself.

In terms of exercise, Lily has always loved to play soccer and dance, but now, on the days she doesn’t have an activity, she goes for a run or walk on the treadmill. She makes sure to add some form of physical activity to her daily routine.

Debbie sees, very clearly, the benefits of this change in her daughter.

“Lily has more energy when she’s engaging in physical activity, because she’s making better choices with the types and quantity of food she’s eating.  I see a big change in her attitude – she’s feeling better. Lily’s energy level, her physical appearance and her motivation have all improved with Kurbo.”

Lily's mom notices she has so much more energy and is more active
Lily’s mom notices she has so much more energy and is more active

And from a parent’s perspective, Debbie has recognized that the reason why Kurbo works, and what sets it apart from other programs, is that it has helped Lily gain control of her own health.

“With Kurbo, we, as parents, are not directing Lily with what to do. She is making her own choices.  It’s Lily’s life and Lily’s body and ultimately Lily needs to make her own choices and see the consequences of her choices herself. Most kids don’t want to be told what to do, especially when they are becoming teen-agers. Kurbo allows kids to feel empowered to make their own choices to improve their health, which is why it is such a successful program.”



Through her diligence and motivation, Lily is very close to reaching her health goals.  We, at Kurbo, are confident that she will achieve this goal in the very near future. You rock, Lily! We are so proud of you and your Kurbo success story! Keep up the fantastic work!


**This is a testimonial from an individual Kurbo user. Results will vary for different users. 

Bita Arabian

Coach Bita has a background in teaching elementary and middle school aged children in the Bay Area. Bita has a personal interest in health and fitness and loves dancing and doing Zumba whenever she can. She likes spending time with her two daughters and her four furry pets. Bita has a BS from University of Wisconsin, Madison and a multiple-subject teaching credential from Santa Clara University.

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