Kurbo Weight Loss Success Story: Sophia learns to resist her urge to snack and drops 12 lbs**

Kurbo Weight Loss Success Story: Sophia learns to resist her urge to snack and drops 12 lbs**

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Sophia was having trouble resisting urges to snack at home. “I was home alone a lot and I didn’t have any self control. I was snacking too much and cooking a lot of unhealthy foods to eat when I was bored. I would try to stop snacking, but I just couldn’t do it on my own.”

She wanted something that would keep her accountable, and that was Kurbo. “I just wanted something where I could put down what I was eating and everything I was eating. I wanted some external form accountability,” Sophia says. She found Kurbo. “Kurbo took her dad and I out of the equation of trying to help her make healthier choices. Instead, it was a partnership with her and her coach,” her mom, Lisa, notes.

Sophia and Coach Zoe began to work together on impulse control, by setting goals. “When I have goals, I feel like I do better within the week because I like reaching my goals and I’m driven to reach them. When I have something to work towards that’s attainable, then I’ll stick to those goals. In the beginning my goal was to “continue tracking” so that I could remember to track every day. When I don’t reach my goals we just keep them and they happen the next week; I don’t beat myself up about it.”

Sophia learned to snack smart by shopping smart at the grocery store. “Before Kurbo, I would say, ‘Hey, that looks yummy: let’s buy it! Let’s buy the entire dessert aisl and all of the Oreos!’ Now we just go get milk, eggs, vegetables and fruit. We still have sweet stuff, but even the sweet stuff is healthier than what we’d had before because we have learned how to analyze labels.”

She challenged herself to change the way she cooked for her family. “Now instead of just looking for a recipe that looks yummy, I look for recipes that are yummy but also healthy. I’ll use my mom’s healthy food cookbook,” Sophia says. “She’ll make dinner for the family some nights. Her dad is a chef so they cooked together from a really young age. They make healthy burrito bowls, kind of like Chipotle, but I like hers better,” Lisa shares.

When school started, Sophia faced unexpected difficulties, but she persevered. I was having trouble with impulse control at school because my friends would be eating certain foods so my goal for the week would be to “say no”. I decided I would also tell my friends that I was trying to eat healthier and that actually really helped because they stopped offering me things.”

She took advantage of school activities to start working in more exercise. “I was in the school band beforehand, but now I’ve joined the marching band. Essentially, it’s just band but with more physical activity and I feel a lot healthier. I’ve also worked in exercise in other ways like walking my dog and getting out in our pool to swim and tread water.”

Sophia could feel herself changing, and that motivated her to keep going. “It’s hard to change at the beginning but after I start changing it’s easier to keep it up. I feel the difference and I feel a lot better.” Sophia says. “Doing the program and losing weight has been super reinforcing,” Lisa notes.  

After just a few months, Sophia began to master her impulse control, losing 12 pounds and dropping 3 BMI points. Sophia moved from the high to normal weight range for her age group. “She’s an active participant in what she’s putting in her body and what activities she’s going to do. She has taken more of an interest in the decision making,” Lisa says. “My impulse control has improved a lot. Now when I’m home alone I won’t snack at all or I’ll make healthy snacks when I’m actually hungry,” Sophia says.

**This is a testimonial from an individual Kurbo user. Results will vary for different users.

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