The back to school season is an exciting time to start a fresh routine for kids and teens. These are some of our top tips from Kurbo coaches to start the school year on the right track with fun lunches and after-school snacks, as well as creating a plan for movement and exercise. (Kurbo Coach tip: these ideas work for adults too!)


Make movement a priority in your daily schedule.

The CDC (and Kurbo!) recommends kids get 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise per day. It takes time to work up to 60 minutes per day, and it doesn’t have to happen all at once! Split it up into 10 or 20-minute chunks to make it more doable. For example, add a family walk after dinner as a starting point, and work up from there. 


Work on screen time limits. 

Screen time recommendations vary, but the consensus is that parents should monitor what and how much kids are consuming. The Mayo Clinic has a good guide on how to implement screen time limits. Brainstorm some other fun activities with your kids so they have a list of other things to do when they want to reach for the tablet. 


Stock the kitchen with easy, quick ingredients for breakfast. 

Make your morning routine a little easier by prepping healthy breakfasts ahead of time. Overnight oats are a huge hit with Kurbo kids – check out some of their favorite combinations. Coach Ann Marie’s Make-Ahead Breakfast Sandwiches are also a fantastic option to start the school year off with a fun, quick breakfast!

Use a calendar or journal to keep your lunch prep organized.

When you pack a lunch for school or work, you are in control of the ingredients in your meal. If you are new to meal prep, start small! If your first meal prep goal is to pack lunch for the whole family every single day of the week, you are not setting yourself up for success. Take a look at the calendar and set a goal for two or three packed lunches on days that make sense with your schedule. 


Get back into a bedtime routine.

In the summer, bedtimes can be a little more flexible. It’s now time to get back to a routine. Sit down with your family and talk about a realistic bedtime for everyone. Work backwards from there to decide when teeth get brushed, screens go away, and anything else your family needs to encourage quality sleep. 


Hold onto the best parts of summer

Did your family enjoy going for after-dinner walks or bike rides? Try to incorporate your favorite family activities into your weekly routine. Staying connected as a family will do wonders as the school year begins!